Life is too short to wear boring lip color!

I have a special love for lip colors, but not just the regular ones *big grin*
I don’t think I’m exactly adventurous by nature, but when it comes to what color I wear on my lips, oh honey, I go all the way. 
For me, these colors are about… let me see… giving life to my face? well it usually depends on how well I rock it. And each time I wear it, I indeed rock it!
Somedays I feel like blue lips, I don’t have a blue lipstick but that isn’t going to stop me when I have a Zaron blue eye pencil. Lol yes! And then one Sunday I felt like black lips for church. My black lipstick is not a good black matte lipstick, but hello, I got my Maybelline Kajal. 
The thing about wearing such daring colors is ‎the confidence you pull when you do wear them. If you are like me and you like to create your own style, then when you do, you need to “own it”! “Lyka Boss”!
I always always get compliments of how, you know, I’m rocking my “blue, green, black, purple, grey, etc” lips and how beautifully it suits me. They be like, what lipstick is this?! (You know I’m always excited to answer that question. Lol!
So today, I Rema Rhed, urge (cajole if I may *wink*)‎ you honeys to “dare” even as you “dream”, because… “life is too short to wear boring lip color”!!! The Bold Lippies is my Beauty Trend Prediction for 2015!

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Top Beauty Trends of 2015

Beauty Trends of 2015 already coming out. These are some of the 2015 trends we found online:

From Vegas Magazine on Top Beauty Trends of 2015 by Gucci’s Aaron Smith Henrikson 

On Trends to Look for in 2015
“I think fashion is still going a little bit lighter. We’re keeping our faces lighter and we’re not as heavy-handed as we were maybe two or three years ago. It goes along with some people going toward normcore, keeping their clothing almost anonymous. That way you notice the sophistication in the details, and I think that goes well with makeup that’s a little subtler and not as garish or shocking. It’s a bit more blended and smoked out, more focused on skin. It doesn’t necessarily mean fewer products, it just means more strategically chosen products.”

On the Beauty Trend He Wishes Would Go Away by Next Year
“Some people are over-contouring a bit. It’s fine to play around with the artistry of makeup and have that moment, but I think eventually those people will settle on a look that’s a little bit lighter. Hopefully that’s something that people will discover after a while.”

On How to Improve Your Makeup Routine
“A lot of it has to do with the order in which you apply the makeup. If you apply your moisturizer and then a priming serum to smooth out your skin, your foundation will go on much more smoothly. And then you set that with a little bit of powder, but lightly, and if you do all of that in the right order, your skin will have a lot more staying power. The same is also true if you apply finishing powder before you put on any kind of bronzer or blush. Many women will apply blush or bronzer directly to their foundation or to their moisturizer, but what that does is create a splotch that’s very difficult to blend afterward. The other tip I have is to apply your makeup from the outside and blend inward. Most women do it the opposite way, and I think it’s important to have that symmetry on the outside of the eyes, to start looking at yourself straight on in the mirror and establish the outside boundaries of the makeup, and then blend everything in from there. That way you’ll maintain that nice angle of precision and lift that you get.”

Read more at Vegas Magazine 

From Glamour on Makeup, Hair, and Nail Trends to Start Wearing Now

Nail Trend: Negative-Space Manicures


Bold Red Lips or a slight orange tint


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What’s Trending: Bold Brow Craze

‎Bold Brows Are A Big ‪‎Trend Now! There’s someone whose bold brows I love and envy! Barbara & 1923!

“But why all the buzz about brows? Many attribute it to the “Cara Effect,” a nod to supermodel Cara Delevingne, whose own bushy brows have elevated the look from bland to glam in fashion and pop culture.” read more on Providence Journal

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Print your own wearable makeup product in your own home! Yes you heard me right- Print!

A new way of buying makeup has come to the market place that would allow you choose and create your own makeup that is made just for you.

The technology that is used is called 3D printing, which is like a normal printer but makes a product by building it up layer by layer. This technology is being used now to make things like jewelry to cars and now a Harvard Business School student Grace Choi, who created Mink, has found a way to produce makeup products with it.

Mink is a desktop printer that prints makeup. It can take any image and instantly transform it into a wearable color cosmetic, turning any camera, phone or laptop into an endless beauty aisle. This new 3-D printer that lets you create any shade of make-up in your own home will cost less than $200, with plans to launch later in the year.

In the nearest future you might be able go to a makeup and style studio and have a colour of eye shadow or lipstick made in a colour that’s just for you or better still make it yourself! Well lets see how this goes! Good luck to Grace Choi.

What we’re doing is taking out the bull shit. Big makeup companies take the pigment and the substrates and mix them together and then jack the price. We do the same thing and let you get the makeup right in your own house.~ Grace Choi

The Mink 3D Printer. It uses regular ink

Mink Makeup 3D Printer

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Lupita Nyong’o: Masai and Ndebele Look Redefined

I was checking my news feed today and I saw the picture of Lupita Nyong’o in her colourful dress and all I could think of was the Ndebele women from South Africa and the Masai women from Kenya! I couldn’t shake it off my head! Lol! The babe redefined the look of the Masai and Ndebele women in her Chanel dress (but the colors and neck details of her dress is more Ndebele inspired). I wonder if that was the inspiration behind the dress!

Lupita Post

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Wedding Gown Envy ♥ ♥ ♥ Tripping!

Tripping over the wedding gown featured in Love My Dress today!!!! The pictures of the wedding really shows the love of the couple. The pictures were captured in a relaxed style with lots of beautiful light. You could see that it was a: i-just-want-to-have-fun-on-my-day, I-don’t-want-stress, just-my-friends-and-close-families, kind of wedding.

I love her wedding gown, the love that’s shining through the whole pictures of the ceremony, the simplicity and the colors of her bouquet!

See more beautiful pictures on Love My Dress

Charlotte and Matt's Wedding, The Treehouse Alnwick Garden, Katy Melling Photography

Charlotte and Matt's Wedding, The Treehouse Alnwick Garden, Katy Melling Photography Charlotte and Matt's Wedding, The Treehouse Alnwick Garden, Katy Melling Photography


The B-Style Babes: Japanese Women and Becoming Black!

I stumbled on an artice-“B-Style Babes: Japanese Women Adopting The ‘Black Lifestyle'” and all I could do was heave a heavy sigh; as in, what’s going on in this life? We’ve not heard the last of the Dencia/Lupita battle on Whitenicious and as that one is dying down this one springs up! Dark babes wanting to be white and White babes wanting to be black!


But before we get ahead of our-self, lets find out what this B-Style is all about!
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‘Orange Lip’ Inspiration for Brown Skin Beauties


Orange Lipstick??? But I’m dark skin!

I know! One of the hard part of rocking a bold orange lip is finding the shade that’s right for you- but the good news is, orange lips suits any skin tone; just keep in mind that there are different shades of orange- Corals, Sheer orange, Bright orange, Peaches, Apricots, Nude orange, Coral pink or Red oranges- and at least, one of these shades will work for your skin colour.

The color orange is a color which expresses warmth, so, choose the wash and shade of orange that suits your style best to add a gorgeous warmth and brightness to your face. To make sure you wear it right without looking scary, keep your eye makeup simple. Go easy on the eyeshadow, eyeliner and blush.

For brown skin beauties, wearing orange would be like taking a huge risk! ORANGE???!! So, I have traveled high and low on Google to find images of brown beauties wearing different shades orange lipstick to inspire you to wear it with SWAG!

Let me know your thoughts on this Orange Lipstick Trend that don’t seem to want to go away!

Stay Be-You-tiful!


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