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Makeup Tips &Tricks | Cleaning your Makeup Brushes with Traditional Household Items


Taking care of your brushes also extends their life and their effectiveness. No matter how expensive your makeup products are, if you’re not applying them with clean tools this can affect your application and finished makeup look. Your brushes are not cheap o! Continue reading

Eyeshadow Tips | Blend, Blend, Blend and More


Eyeshadow Makeup Tips:


Eye shadow can add depth and dimension to your eyes; complement your eye colour or just basically draw attention to the eyes. Applying eyeshadow is really easy especially if you have a good shadow palette.  Here are a few quick tips  on the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of eyeshadow application to get a wow result:

– Make sure your brows are well tweezed. Overgrown hairs on eyelid can make applying and blending difficult.

– Dab a little foundation or concealer over the eyelids to create a smooth base for your eyeshadow.

– Apply a shadow primer to help your eyeshadow last all day. 

– Use a lighter shade of eyeshadow over the whole eye before applying the darker shade that you want.

– Sparkling textures in natural shades takes away the tired look from your eyes.

– It is not a good idea to apply mascara before putting on your eyeshadow. Also, your eyeliner should come after you have applied your eyeshadow.

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Me and my bestie (my ANGLE brush n’ I)

Hi Beauty,

Thanks for stopping by. It’s a new week ahead and I’m grateful to God for another opportunity to LIVE!

It’s me and my bestie this week! Yep, none other but… (drum roll pleassse)…MY ANGLE BRUSH!
Angle brushes-Jabeauty-Makeup tips

Lol! It’s my best makeup brush in the hood cause, it’s always there for me, covers up for me when I have made mistakes, LOLZ, and much more.I can’t do without my Angle Brush and here’s why:-

1. An Angle Brush is best used for creating that perfect brows (Jaga brows I’ll call it). You’ll achieve this best with an anAngle Brush and an Eyebrow Shadow.

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Five Makeup Essential Tips to Get an Instant Glam!

Do you want to step out of the house looking glam for that special event? or simply just because?  Then try out these five essential makeup tips to achieve an instant glam like gbam!


Prepare your (facial) skin

It can never be over emphasized how important it is to take care of your skin. Remember that your makeup is only going to look as good as your skin looks.

3 steps for prep’n your face before makeup:

  • Cleanse‎/wash your face.
  • Moisturize 
  • Prime

 When you take time to prep your skin, it will ‎help your makeup last longer. 


 2. EYES

  • There’s a certain “pop” false lashes gives the eyes. You want an instant glam? Then apply falsies along your upper lid and finish the look with a winged eyeliner!
  • Conceal uneven coloration/dark circles around your eyes using a concealer close to your skin color. Apply in a dabbing motion.




 Flush with a blush hun! A skin-warming cheek color is key to completing any makeup look. (cc: my darling sister Paula who never allows me blush her cheeks).

Tip: Be mindful where you apply the hues. The older you are, the higher up on your cheekbones you should focus the color.




A bronzed/sun-kissed glow is the next best thing in makeup these days.‎ Apply on your T-zone (forehead and nose) sparingly, then finish with a brush across your cheek bones and the pointy of your jaw. 



The magic of a red lippie! Instant glam fo’sho!

I believe anyone can make red lips work for ‎them. Just be sure to pick a shade and texture that best suits your skin tone/type.


There you have it! Try these 5 simple steps for a va-va-voom finish!

Feel free to share with us your pictures of how this worked for you 😀

Stay Be•You•tiful darlings!