What was your favorite Makeup Product/s in 2015?

Pray do tell!

That product that bailed you out, you fell in love with, you used more than others, you carried everywhere with?!

Which product(s) was it?



The tide is about to turn! Don’t Give Up Now


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Makeup Products We Loved in 2014

I asked my friends what their favorite makeup Product was in 2014 and here’s their favourite products:
Ms. Fome Fit me:
Mabrook lip pencils they are Strong, easy to apply and last long,they can as well pass for a lipstick because their intensity is high
Jordanna bronzer of course I love glowing and the pigments are high and very little you are good to go.

Rhema Rhed– Makeup products that rocked my 2014:

“My Maybelline Mousse Foundation in cocoa dark 3”
— I particularly love the air brush finish it gives my face such that I don’t look heavily made up.
 “My Davis Eyebrow Pencil in 03‎”
— I don’t need to make much fuss about what lines my brows, this pencil is not waxy at all and it does it perfectly well for me.
“My BH Liquid Eyeliner in black”
— when I’m looking for precision in eyelining, this pen like eyeliner is my instant go to.
“Fabulosity Lipstick in Blue”
— I’m mad about the velvety feel it has as it glides over my lips as I apply. And the va-va-voom look
“My Classic Lip-Gloss in Plum 01”
— heheheh, this gloss did me a late year magic and made me an envy in the land, lol. Everyone who saw me wear it desired this goth-looking lippie.

Studio Makeup Tryouts- Magnolia & Jordana for festive eyemakeup

Decided to try out our Magnolia products today- Different eyeshadows on both eyes. These are the makeup products I used:

‎- Magnolia Makeup Eye Fix (as eyeshadow base)

– Magnolia Makeup Pigment #285 Ponchatoula (right eye)

– Magnolia Makeup Pigment #377 Birthstone ‎ (at the beginning of the eyes)

– Magnolia Makeup Pigment #356 Sugar Hill‎ (left eye)

– Jordana Easyliner for eyes retractable pencil -Sea Green

– Strip Lashes

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Lipgloss that will stay on your lips for Africa!

I don’t mean to put anyone down ehnnn, but there was one ‘matte’ gloss I used one time and I had to keep my mouth like this *yuck* (ok I didn’t find the appropriate smiley), because the way the thing cracked on my lips ehn, infact it was falling off as I was talking :]Y.

The kine speed I used to clean it off after taking the review pictures ehn.

Behhht… I have found my ideal ‘matte’ lipgloss! Continue reading

Creating ‘The Madame’ One Makeup At A Time

Sweet people! I feel like it’s been ages since I really blogged. I must repent! I promise to bring you mouth-watering gist and beauty tips because sooooo much has gone down since I got my head out of the clouds… (gist for another day)!

Basically I have been involved in quite a number of projects in the past months and my team and I have been really busy… Trainings, photoshoots, TV projects etc. I hope to be sharing with you pictures and experiences.

So about four weeks ago I had an amazing time working with a team of young creative professionals and the outcome was outstanding. Ace designer Ejiro Amos Tafiri was set to release her 2015 Luxury Resort Collection titled “The Madame” and she told me she would want me to handle the makeup.

I was excited because I had always wanted to work with her so I jumped at the offer, and then was more ecstatic when I learned that Emmanuel Oyeleke was going to photograph the collection. And then the perfect deal was the venue! The Porsche Place! Home of Exotic Cars! Whoah! Who no like better thing? Lol! There was no way I was going to pass on this even though I had a very busy Saturday. I made a way oo! Lol!
The collection was inspired by a lady on vacation attending an extravagant luxury party. And as Jennifer Obiuwevbi writes on BellaNaija, “the Madame’s” aesthetic is that of opulence and grandeur.

The Model Melissa Devidal was an effortless beauty who made everyone’s job easy. Ify Onyido the stylist showed me a few makeup looks she had in mind and we settled for the heavy smokey eyes and soft pink or slightly nude lips as seen on the first look, and subsequently would change the lips as we go along.

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Wedding Vendor (Cakes & Sweets): “The Experience -Sweet Indulgence.”

‎My first experience with Sweet Indulgence was at a wedding in August. Now I don’t usually do red-velvet (thanks to previous unpleasant experiences) but it must have been fate that brought this particular red-velvet and me together that day.

So… the sweets waiter came by my table with a large tray containing servings of a “whipped cream red-velvet” each on different side plates. I’m not sure why, ‎but I’m not necessarily a cake lover, however I stretched my hand to receive his offer and dropped it beside me on the table. I busied my mouth with other attractions set before me and when I was done (after taking a break of about a mili minute), I was ready to eat of the cake that was now before me.

Almost reluctantly, I took the first bite!!! and I promise you!!! my taste bud carried me (like on a feathery cloud) to Cake Heaven!!! I was sooo pleasured by the experience that I went on and on and on to my friend NikkiandTees about how amazing the cake was. I bet she didn’t really understand until she took her first bite and then it was her turn to go on and on and on!!! Lawrdy lawrd! There was something about the taste, the way it filled my mouth with maximum fluffiness and pleasurized my senses with every melting bite! I had to, I just had to get the contact of the baker!



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Flashback Friday! Product Review- Flash ‘a’ Pout Lipstain from Sleek

Great week beauties,

Here’s my look for the day.

In an attempt to review my the flash ‘a’ pout Lipstain from Sleek, I created a look that you can practically rock with all lip shades. I also used the opportunity to try out some new stuff I got -which are now available at Jagabeauty Studio.

Meet my muse for the day -Rema, my sissy -who’s also our PR Strategist.


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Throwback Thursday- Fabulosity Cosmetics Makeup Photoshoot

Not too late for some throwback memories! Sometime ago, having fun makeup photoshoot session using makeup products from Fabulosity Cosmetics with the Fabulosity Team! Like Fabulosity Cosmetics on Facebook, check out their ⇒website and view more of their amazing makeup range! We also have Fabulosity Cosmetics at the Jagabeauty Studio.

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