Intern Diaries | Stella for Jagabeauty

Meet Stella!


Showcasing the Makeup Artist portfolio of Stella Onyemaechi Uche, Intern at Jagabeauty Makeup School! Showing her earliest work to her latest work! Can you see how far she has come?!! Proud of you Stella! Continue reading


Intern Spotlight- Yewande- Us girls like to play dress my face up!

Intern Spotlight- Yewande!

Yewande (aka sweets), Jagabeauty’s ever enthusiastic student-turned-intern is ever ready to “practice to perfection” on any willing model’s face.

She has come from working as a business developer to following her passion as a Makeup Artist‎ ~this is the wind that fuels her essence. If you could see passion glisten, you’d definitely see it glisten through Yewande’s eyes.

I have on more than one occasion surrendered my face to her beating, because she never fails to glam me up. There was this day after she was done with my makeup I felt like a Narsist! I have never been that vain in all of my life lolzzz! I practically kept looking at the mirror and making several poses like I was being photographed. Òmó I felt like a star. Lol!

Intern Spotlight-Jagabeauty Makeup School-Yewande-11
Makeup by Yewande

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