Jagabeauty Makeup and Style | Makeup Artist, Lagos, Nigeria


Jagabeauty Studio specializes in makeup and style. As one of the top rising makeup studio’s in Lagos, Nigeria, our mission is to educate women about beauty secrets, techniques, and the best beauty products in the industry. Jagabeauty’s vision is to bring to every woman’s realization the fullness of her beauty, outside and within. With our latest campaign ‘Be-You-tyful’ our message is that, “You are beautiful with or without makeup. What makes you beautiful is you accepting yourself for who you are and not for who you want to be like or who you want to impress. It comes from within, like an overflowing well! The day you accept yourself- ALL OF YOU- your flaws, your strength, your weakness, your past, your failures, your victories- only then would you feel real beauty. You can only be BEAUTIFUL being YOU not trying to be anyone else”. So with the strokes of Jagabeauty’s brushes and through our training programs, we aim to etch this message in the consciousness of every woman we are opportune to reach.



Our Services:

  • Jagabeauty Training School
  • Wedding Consultation & Bridal Makeup (White Wedding and Nigerian Traditional Wedding)
  • Makeup, Beauty & Style  Consultation
    • eyelash fixing
    • gele tying
    • beauty advice
    • product review
  • Complete Makeovers
  • Personal Makeup Shopper
  • Editorial, Television and Production Shoots

At Jagabeauty Studio, we see “Everything Be-You-tyful”!

Creative Director & Makeup Artist

Ngozy Ezeka-Atta



View Portfolio on ⇒ Jagabeauty Studio


17 thoughts on “Jagabeauty Makeup and Style | Makeup Artist, Lagos, Nigeria

  1. You are beautiful and graceful. I love and I appreciate your talent. You transform the woman and bring out all the beauty that is in it . It’s impressive!


  2. Hi, Jegabeauty Training School. My name is Aibaengbee Eseosa from Surulere, Lagos. I would like to make enquiries on your Make Up Classes, the fees and duration. I would also like to know if there are classes for a week, part time and their respective fees, Thank you.


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