#fbf | A June to remember | Making up the Richest Woman in Africa, my 1st Makeup Runway & Celebrating Life

Hello Lovelies!!!! I love love the month of June!!! Yaaassss! Not just because it’s my birth month, but because I had such wonderful experiences this month!

I made new decisions this month, took definite steps to achieving them and seeing good results so far!

I’ll like to give great thanks to my Almighty Father, God for yet another year on earth , I promised Him that if He taries, I’ll live till a good old age and I’ll return to Him empty! So help me God…

I also want to thank my wonderful Parents Pastor and Pastor Mrs Emmanuel and Adaeze Ezeka for bringing me into this world and for nurturing me in all ways until my Darling Husband took over. Lol! He is a fantastic man and He is doing an amazing job taking care of me, teaching and guiding me in all I do. Zakari Atta I love youuuuu!!!! It might amaze you to know that my work ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ was his idea! *wink

So this June to remember began with my daughter’s birthday! Marvel Atta turned 4 on the 7th of June and by God, she is a marvel indeed. Mummy loves you mama!!!

In June also I got a call to come makeup Mrs FOLORUNSHO ALAKIJA, the richest Black woman in the world! Wow! What a milestone in my career as a makeup artist! It was a shoot put together by Aunty Eme of John 3vs3 hats has bee Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija personal Milliner for over 15 years and my friend and photographer of the day Anita Cruz, who I met last year in New York and we get to do stuff together whenever she is in Nigeria.


Mrs Folorunsho Alakija_Richest Woman in Africa_Makeup by Jagabeauty

A great privilege it was as I had an opportunity to spend the whole day with this very inspiring woman. I watched her have fun and still have time to sign papers while doing so. Humble and God fearing, she had no airs at all. I was so comfortable and relaxed I knew it was going to end well. We had some sumptuous meatball like thingy to eat( plenty of it) with drinks and chocolates!!! And then mummy Alakija ended the day for me by dancing the traditional ‘etigi’ dance popular among the Calabar people , as she tried to imitate my mum whom she had seen dancing before. It was indeed a day I’ll never forget!!!! Here is to many more Ma!

Makeup-by-Jagabeauty_Richest-Black-Woman-in-the-World_Folorunsho-Alakija Makeup-by-Jagabeauty_Richest-Black-Woman-in-the-World_Folorunsho-Alakija_Makeup-by-Jagabeauty

Ighogele and Jagabeauty_Makeup and Gele Training_Lagos_Nigeria_Beauty and Makeup Training School

Then on to the LMUF4 , The Lagos Makeup Fair 4 on the 21st of June. I still remember the first LMUF and hold it dear to my heart because I was an exhibitor, however Pops Concept and Omolola Falaye did an amazing job at putting a state of the art event together. Thanks to Lola our makeup fairs in Nigeria is up to standard as makeup fairs abroad. Well done Pops Concept! For the first time ever we had a makeup runway and I was privileged to be one of the features!!! It gave me a feeling of euphoria!!! I got to experience the walk down the run way like all them Georgio Armani’s and Ejiro Amis Tafiri’s!!! Heheeehee. So this is what they enjoy eh!!!??? Lol! What a feeling! Thanks to all the sponsors, Pops Concept, Gifty’s Daughter and Makeup Revolution- I’m still drooling over my goody bag and I hope to do a review soon.


See more pictures of LMUF4 ⇒here.


LMUF4_Jagabeauty_Queenjaga_High Fashion Makeup Look_Makeup Runway_1

LMUF4_MAkeup Runway_High Fashion_Jagabeauty

Then our training with Ighogele was a great success!!! Igho God bless you mightly, you are such an interesting package and I celebrate you! Thanks to everyone who showed up! We had an amazing time. Pictures will be up soon.


By the 2nd day in training, June 24th, I celebrated my birthday. God keeps surprising me as it gets better each year! Plenty to eat ,3 cakes, gifts, calls, messages , prayers and love!!!! Ain’t God good? He sure is.

Queenjaga_Birthday_2015 Queenjaga_Birthday_2015_1 Queenjaga_Birthday_2015_3 Queenjaga_Birthday_2015_4

I love and appreciate you! Yes You! For stopping by here. I love you and God bless you!!!!

This was indeed a June to remember !!! And July, even much much better!

Stay Be-you-Tyful!!!



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