#fbf | Still got that feeling of euphoria | post #LMUF4

The Lagos Makeup Fair 4 on the 21st of June. I still remember the first LMUF and hold it dear to my heart because I was an exhibitor, however Pops Concept and Omolola Falaye did an amazing job at putting a state of the art event together. Thanks to Lola, our makeup fair’s in Nigeria is up to standard as makeup fair’s internationally. Well done Pops Concept!

My PA, Blessing & I! On our way to make magic happen!

Backstage where the pro MUA’s unleashed their creativity⇓ LMUF4_Jagabeauty_Queenjaga_High Fashion Makeup Look_Behind the scene_1 LMUF4_Jagabeauty_Queenjaga_High Fashion Makeup Look_Behind the scene_2 LMUF4_Jagabeauty_Queenjaga_High Fashion Makeup Look_Behind the scene_3 LMUF4_Jagabeauty_Queenjaga_High Fashion Makeup Look_Behind the scene_4 LMUF4_Jagabeauty_Queenjaga_High Fashion Makeup Look_Behind the scene_5
For the first time ever, we had a makeup runway and I was privileged to be one of the features!!! It gave me a feeling of euphoria!!! I got to experience the walk down the runway like all them Georgio Armani’s and Ejiro Amis Tafiri’s!!! Heheeehee. So this is what they enjoy eh!!!??? Lol! What a feeling!
LMUF4_Jagabeauty_Queenjaga_High Fashion Makeup Look_Makeup Runway_4
LMUF4_Jagabeauty_Queenjaga_High Fashion Makeup Look_Makeup Runway_3
LMUF4_Jagabeauty_Queenjaga_High Fashion Makeup Look_Makeup Runway_2
One of the looks I created at the First ever Nigeria’s Makeup Runway!!! #Captionthis! Thanks also to my cousin @officialannyta for always being my perfect model
LMUF4_Jagabeauty_Queenjaga_High Fashion Makeup Look_Makeup Runway_1
Two different looks created for Makeup Runway ⇓
The beautiful Stella of Stella’s Addiction! Met her at the first LMUF1, 2012 and friends ever since! Don’t you just love her ‘purply’ look?! ♥
Thanks to all the sponsors, Pops Concept, Gifty’s Daughter and Makeup Revolution- I’m still drooling over my goody bag and I hope to do a review soon.
The formidable Nigerian Pro Makeup Artists!

Sigh! It was an amazing event and I am so honored to have been a part of it ♥ I had an amazing time at the #LMUF4 all thanks to Pops Concepts and all the sponsors Gifty’s Daughter, Q21 Solutions etc, for a well put together event.  Looking forward to LMUF5! What do you think about the idea f a Makeup Runway Show? Have you heard or been part of a makeup runway show? I’ll love to hear about it or just comment- It will make my day!!

credits: Photography Imagine Photography | The Makeup Fair Series

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