Nigeria’s First Ever Makeup Runway!

I remember the first Lagos MakeUp Fair, September 2012, my first ever LMUF1, I was an exhibitor. This was my most memorable LMUF ever!

Stella of Stella’s Addiction, Moi Queenjaga and Lola Maja of Sacred Beauty | LMUF1 | 2012

Or so I thought!

Then LMUF4 happened! Different from the other LMUF’s, there were about 40 exhibitors. But this one had a twist! It had Nigeria’s first ever makeup runway featuring 12 of Nigeria’s finest pro makeup artists and your girl Queejaga was one of them! Lol! As you can see, I had fun! The feeling of walking down the runway with my models, that is an experience I will never forget!

LMUF4_MAkeup Runway_High Fashion_Jagabeauty_4

See some of the other Nigeria’s Pro Makeup Artist’s runway looks:

LMUF4_MAkeup Runway_High Fashion_Lamide Ojo
Lamide Ojo | Tints ‘n’ Ties
LMUF4_MAkeup Runway_High Fashion_Omobola Missglam Bolaji
Omobola Bolaji | Glam O’ Sphere
LMUF4_MAkeup Runway_High Fashion_Ofonime Pushie Ukpanah
Ofonime Ukpanah | Pushies Makeover

LMUF4_MAkeup Runway_High Fashion_Beauty Cook

LMUF4_MAkeup Runway_High Fashion_Jasper Kanayo
Jasper Kanayo | Jasper Makeover
LMUF4_MAkeup Runway_High Fashion_Omontese Beautycook Akhetuamen
Omontese Akhetuamen | Beauty Cook
LMUF4_MAkeup Runway_High Fashion_Bookie Lavida
Bookie Lavida | Bookie Lavida
LMUF4_MAkeup Runway_High Fashion_Jide of St Ola
Jide | Jide of St. Ola
LMUF4_MAkeup Runway_High Fashion_Dave Sucre
Dave | Dave Sucre
LMUF4_MAkeup Runway_High Fashion_Dada Yemisi Seriks
Dada Yemisi Seriks | Nsure Beauty
And the amazing brain behind the event – Omolola Faleye of POPs concept!
Omolola Faleye
Omolola Faleye | Pops Concept
And if you are in Abuja, guess what?! The 5th Abuja MakeUp Fair (AMUF5) 18th edition in @TheMakeUpFair Series is happening live on 22nd August 2015! Save the date!
About the Lagos Makeup Fair (LMUF4) 2015:  The 17th edition produced by Q21 Solutions ended on a high note, reinforcing its status as the definitive exhibition for the market. 40 Exhibitors (an increase of 30% from 2014) showcased and over 900 attendees/ visitors attended the one day event. In the midst of an exciting, stylish and superlative atmosphere, Nigeria’s First ever makeup runway featuring 12 of Nigeria’s finest and professional makeup artists, took place during the trade show unleashing creativity with their looks.
Nigerian Pro MAkeup Artists_LMUF4_Lagos Makeup Fair 2015
Nigeria’s First ever Makeup Runway featuring 12 of Nigeria’s Finest and Professional Makeup Artists
About Pops Concepts: Are the organizers of the leading beauty industry trade fair- The MakeUp Fair Series. Pops concepts throughout the year, organises major makeup and beauty events- The Makeup Fair series , The Makeup and Beauty Connect Series and The Christmas Beaut A’Fair. Pops concepts has become the specialist at organising efficient business gatherings in the world of Nigerian’s lifestyle, makeup and beauty industry.

See more amazing images of LMUF4 and Nigeria’s First MakeUp Runway 2015 on the Makeup Fair Series Facebook Page

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credits: Photography Imagine Photography | The Makeup Fair Series

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