Makeup Tips &Tricks | Cleaning your Makeup Brushes with Traditional Household Items


Taking care of your brushes also extends their life and their effectiveness. No matter how expensive your makeup products are, if you’re not applying them with clean tools this can affect your application and finished makeup look. Your brushes are not cheap o!

If you don’t have access to products made by brands to support your cleaning needs there are traditional simple, household products you can use (Baby Shampoo, Olive Oil and Antibacterial Dish Soap)*.

Baby Shampoo- Baby shampoo formula is soft and deep cleanses your brushes without drying them out.

Household  Dish Soap- Use an antibacterial soap.This kills germs and bacteria lodged in your brush bristle.

Olive Oil- This oil is a must-have for brushes that are heavily set-in with makeup. Using a little amount of olive oil will lift makeup residue right off your brush.

Take care of your investment!

Protecting your brushes is like protecting your skin, and a regular maintenance routine is essential. If you are suffering from breakouts of blemishes, even with a daily cleaning and moisturizing regimen for your face, your dirty brushes could be the culprit.Anisa Telwar Kaicker

*Tips from Anisa Telwar Kaicker, President & Founder  of Anisa International (Private label brush/applicator/accessory manufacturing & design firm)


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