Makeup by Jagabeauty-Marcol Jewelry

Never measure yourself against other people instead FOCUS and make the most of your skills and talents and STOP comparing yourself to others! Start by empowering yourself. Best is to compare yourself to yourself and see how much you have grown and what you have achieved.

Check what progress you made towards your goal. Each of us are exquisitely unique in various ways, we have our different talents and experiences.

You must realize that you CAN’T win if you compare yourself to others. This destructive habit , to constantly compare your life and yourself to other people and their lives is the “death to joy”. You create a lot of negative feelings within and outside of yourself. Comparisons are shortcomings . The fact is, when you’re being your authentic self, nobody can compare to you. As a Jeweler, NEVER Judge and criticize your colleagues because when you do, automatically you tend to judge and criticize yourself even more. FOCUS your mind. Appreciate what is positive in yourself and others.

Story Credit: Marcol Jewelry

Thank you for this beautiful picture Aunty Toyin!


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