Rock that Red Lipstick Brown Sister

Brown Skin in Red- Yes RED! Colour of LOVE! Colour of PASSION! Yep! I’m talking about good old Classic Elegant Red Lipstick! The colour that exudes positive energy giving confidence to those who are shy or lacking in will power. YAS! I love that I feel confident and even sexy when I wear red lipstick. You Brown Beauty think you can’t rock the red lippie? Ha! See Lupita!


Babe be slaying it in that red lipstick!


1. Wear red lipstick with the lightest possible eye makeup or none at all. I usually would go for a soft smokey eye or just a winged eyeliner.

2. You think it’s too red for your skin tone? Wait! Don’t clean it off just yet. Tone it down with a lighter shade of lipstick (I usually use pinks or a peach colored lipstick in the mid section of my lips) or add a coloured gloss over it.

3. Is your lipstick bleeding? Apply a little concealer (in your shade) around the border of your mouth with an angle brush.

4. You much much older- Vintage Classic- and still want to rock the red lippie? Why not! All you need to do is use lighter shades of red because our lips tend to thin as we age.  So if your lipstick is too dark it will tend to make your lips appear thinner.

So, still can’t find that perfect shade yet? You know what? I don’t think there is a perfect shade of red. There are so many gorgeous shades of red and it would be a crime not to try them all! They say dark is too dark to wear red-tsk- please pray tell who made up that fashion rule. Funny thing is, its people like you and me that start trends- why don’t we create ours! So, try them all, experiment, be bold, go out of your comfort zone and one day, you’ll find the ONE or maybe more!

That ONE- that makes you confident, look sexy and Be-You-tyful! Lupita-Nyongo-Lancome-Makeup-Quote2 Be inspired by the different shades of Lupita’s Red.  Have a fabulous week friends! Lupita-Wearing-Red-Lipstick7 Lupita-Wearing-Red-Lipstick Lupita-Wearing-Red-Lipstick2 Lupita-Wearing-Red-Lipstick3 Lupita-Wearing-Red-Lipstick4 Lupita-Wearing-Red-Lipstick5 Lupita-Wearing-Red-Lipstick8

And not only does she rock the red lipstick like a bad-ass ninja but she rocks red that in everyway slaying it! Ah Lupita, thou art so fair!!


picture credit: Lancome, Glamour, Lupita's Instagram



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