Makeup Products We Loved in 2014

I asked my friends what their favorite makeup Product was in 2014 and here’s their favourite products:
Ms. Fome Fit me:
Mabrook lip pencils they are Strong, easy to apply and last long,they can as well pass for a lipstick because their intensity is high
Jordanna bronzer of course I love glowing and the pigments are high and very little you are good to go.

Rhema Rhed– Makeup products that rocked my 2014:

“My Maybelline Mousse Foundation in cocoa dark 3”
— I particularly love the air brush finish it gives my face such that I don’t look heavily made up.
 “My Davis Eyebrow Pencil in 03‎”
— I don’t need to make much fuss about what lines my brows, this pencil is not waxy at all and it does it perfectly well for me.
“My BH Liquid Eyeliner in black”
— when I’m looking for precision in eyelining, this pen like eyeliner is my instant go to.
“Fabulosity Lipstick in Blue”
— I’m mad about the velvety feel it has as it glides over my lips as I apply. And the va-va-voom look
“My Classic Lip-Gloss in Plum 01”
— heheheh, this gloss did me a late year magic and made me an envy in the land, lol. Everyone who saw me wear it desired this goth-looking lippie.

 Itunu Rotimi, Director, THE RHEDRUBY

⇒ Sleek blush by 3 in pumpkin– Since i got this blush, i have not used any other. it is very pigmented and i love its powdery matte finish.

Phillips milk of magnesia as a face primer– i am sure you all know what this was used for when we were much younger but hey!! change and creativity is everything. I use as my primer and base and it does not leave ME with harsh reactions or breakouts( i have very sensitive skin). It helps my makeup stay on longer, i absolutely love the feel it gives

Mac pro longwear concealer since i have oily/sensitive skin i need a matte long wearing powder/foundation or even concealer, that is why i use this product. asides covering my dark spots i used two shades lighter under my eyes to brighten it up. even though its matte finished it still gives a glow…..NOT A SHINE but GLOW. ABSOLUTE LOVE!

From Jagabeauty Facebook Fans

Olu Kila Tara lip pencils ( ebiere n kasiwadoo) n black up sublime
Olowojoba Aderolake Daughtozi Cacao from Maybelline, Zaron’s mascara and lip pencils
Jane Kennedy Zaron oil control loose powder

From Jagabeauty Google+ Post


Adrina N I don’t know if this counts, but raw shea butter was everything for me blemish wise and just overall clear skin.  I’m trying the black soap soon!
Diamondiva baby  Milan and surprisingly Elf
Younique by Krystal I love my Maybelline foundation, but my Younique mascara takes it all!
Nikky Law  Sleek fireglow lipstick

  And from Queen Jaga- Makeup products that rocked my 2014!

Makeup products I loved in 2014:
⇒ Small but mighty, Inglot’s black gel eyeliner ’77’ . It is black indeed and bailed me out each time my pencils went a missing!
Inglot eyeshadow paletteMy palette of many colours, which I put together in May from the Newyork Makeup Show.
Heggai and Esther brow gel. Easy to use and suitable for all shades.
Zaron lengthening mascara
Tara powder palette which also serves as my contouring and highlighting palette.
BUT! My All time favourite remains:
Mary Kay medium coverage liquid foundation
AND Last but not the least:
Occ liptars– I’ll choose these anytime any day over lipsticks .
Thank you to all that responded to my question, really. So! Tell me! What is your 2015 favourites? I’m sure you have some already lined up!
pic credits: WiseGeek, Youniquebyloriw 3D Fiber Lashes, Google

Would love to hear from you!

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