Friday Humour: If Whatsapp, bbm or twitter was there in Bible times

Looking forward to the weekend and the day don’t seem to want to come to an end? Here’s something to make you laugh while the clock is ticking!

If Whatsapp, bbm or twitter was there in Bible times, some posts would be like:


1. Guys it’s scary. Lot’s wife just turned into a pillar of salt.. ‪#‎Shaking‬ !
2. Pimping my Camel.. Jerusalem here I come.
3. Chilling with Moses by Mount Sinai..Miracles be going down here.. ‪#‎OMG‬!
4. Eve and Hubby got banished.. They ate from the forbidden fruit.. I mean who does that!? #Smh
5. Just chilling in First Class at Noah’s Ark.. The view here is Fantastic.. But ’em Lions keep staring at me.. ‪#‎Weird‬
6. Some people are so Cruel! Cain, How could you kill your own bro.. ‪#‎RIP‬ Abel.. ‪#‎Tear‬ Drop
7. Jacobs Status: Things we do for Love, Can’t believe I served her father for 14 years just to get her.. Got Mad Love for you Rachael
8. Isaac: Damn! Dad nearly sacrificed me.. #SelfieWithLamb!
9. One of Jesus’ Disciples post What a Long day.. Walking and Preaching the gospel.. Now chilling with ’em bro’s.. Them guys are funny.. #LLP (Laughing Like Pharaoh)
10. Another will post: Turn up people, Bros-J just turned 5loafs of bread and 2fishes into millions.. ‪#‎PartyOfLife‬
11. Mary: Joseph is not replying to my messages on WhatsApp He still thinks I cheated.. Grow Up Man!
12. Samson: This chick just sold me out.. I am going to bring the roof down on this party.. #‎TurnUp‬!
13. Judas did what!!? That bro ain’t Loyal! #Smh

Have a GREAT weekend people! Live, Love, Laugh & Be Happy!


6 thoughts on “Friday Humour: If Whatsapp, bbm or twitter was there in Bible times

      1. You so right! Now my brain is flooding with ideas. I can imagine if Ruth, Tamar, Deborah or Esther blogged even Mary… Can you imagine the words they would be dropping???!!! Just imagining it makes me smile!

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      2. Probably women who never got a say but were affected in some way. Leah having to be in a love less marriage or how traditions affected women being women. Feminism probably would have started centuries ago.


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