Life is too short to wear boring lip color!

I have a special love for lip colors, but not just the regular ones *big grin*
I don’t think I’m exactly adventurous by nature, but when it comes to what color I wear on my lips, oh honey, I go all the way. 
For me, these colors are about… let me see… giving life to my face? well it usually depends on how well I rock it. And each time I wear it, I indeed rock it!
Somedays I feel like blue lips, I don’t have a blue lipstick but that isn’t going to stop me when I have a Zaron blue eye pencil. Lol yes! And then one Sunday I felt like black lips for church. My black lipstick is not a good black matte lipstick, but hello, I got my Maybelline Kajal. 
The thing about wearing such daring colors is ‎the confidence you pull when you do wear them. If you are like me and you like to create your own style, then when you do, you need to “own it”! “Lyka Boss”!
I always always get compliments of how, you know, I’m rocking my “blue, green, black, purple, grey, etc” lips and how beautifully it suits me. They be like, what lipstick is this?! (You know I’m always excited to answer that question. Lol!
So today, I Rema Rhed, urge (cajole if I may *wink*)‎ you honeys to “dare” even as you “dream”, because… “life is too short to wear boring lip color”!!! The Bold Lippies is my Beauty Trend Prediction for 2015!

my Cousin Annyta Rajis also repping bold lip colors!
with Yewande. She’s wearing that lip color lyka boss!
@urbanandchique boss rocking a bold lippe too!
Would you rock Bold Lippies in 2015?

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