Me and my bestie (my ANGLE brush n’ I)

Hi Beauty,

Thanks for stopping by. It’s a new week ahead and I’m grateful to God for another opportunity to LIVE!

It’s me and my bestie this week! Yep, none other but… (drum roll pleassse)…MY ANGLE BRUSH!
Angle brushes-Jabeauty-Makeup tips

Lol! It’s my best makeup brush in the hood cause, it’s always there for me, covers up for me when I have made mistakes, LOLZ, and much more.I can’t do without my Angle Brush and here’s why:-

1. An Angle Brush is best used for creating that perfect brows (Jaga brows I’ll call it). You’ll achieve this best with an anAngle Brush and an Eyebrow Shadow.

2. I clean up and highlight my eyebrows with my Angle Brush. Using a concealer or cream to powder a shade lighter than me, I work to achieve that well shaped and clean brows.

Angle Brush-Jagabeauty-Makeup Tips

3. If there is a slip while applying my liquid eyeliner, my AB comes to the rescue. With it and just a little foundation, the slip is off.


4. Finally, my Angle Brush helps me get a well outlined lip. This is done with a concealer my shade or a shade lighter.

What more can I ask for in a friend?

What say you? Which is your best brush in the pack? Please do let me know by dropping your comments. Your questions and suggestions will also be appreciated.

Till my next post… Stay beautiful!

Its Jaga!


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