NHN breaking the internet ‘Covered yet Sexy’, ‘Fabulous’ and ‘Simply Classy!’

Speaking of breaking the internet, I know someone who’s been doing so for quite a while now and Kim ain’t got nothing on her o. Lol! And guess what, she has done it ever so decently, proving that God indeed honours His word in anyone’s life once you choose to obey Him and run with His vision.


NHN Couture is a vision on a mission! Bringing decency back to church first and the society at large! Covered yet sexy, fabulous, simply classy is her motto! Without being indecent, NHN has broken the internet indeed and spread fame far and wide. Within a year and three months of inception, NHN boasts of an enviable client base catering for the crème de le crème of th Nigerian society- ex- president’s wife, to members of senate, politicians, wives of Bishops and Pastors, CEOs, Bank executives, virtuous and godly women.

Meeting Aunty Nkechi, as she is fondly called by me, was totally ordained by God, not for any material gain but for life lessons I was to learn… as a married, Christian woman and mother- in-business. Watching her, I have learnt that you can be all these and still be successful.

I remember the first time I had to do Aunty Nky’s makeup, it’s over 3 years now, and yes, when we look at the pictures, we laugh together as we realise how far we have come. Lol! from better to best, Aunty Nky’s face has been a ready canvas for my skills as they keep getting better.

As my big sis, she would always say to me, have you tried this…? or there is this new product I saw on the internet… or have you checked out this new beauty page etc, all in a bid to make me grow.
She’ll say to me always… you must learn to always appreciate God, give Him thanks for all He has done no matter how little. Pray, Pray, Pray… never stop praying ooo Ng.

I have never seen anyone who waits on God like she does consistently and yet many wonder why she succeeds. When she says “I owe it all to God” you best be believing her because I am a living proof!

Jagabeauty celebrates you today Aunty mi! Thank you for the days when we weren’t very busy and could count the clients tickling in, you were always a sure number! And still is!


Today My Big Aunty aka NHN, client, big sister and friend is celebrating life today and I use this medium to celebrate this fashion Icon. Happy birthday Aunty Nky, I celebrate you and appreciate you for being a beautiful heart and a blessing to me. Your years on earth will be long and more fruitful and prosperous! Those that look for you for evil sake will not find you… A woman of virtue indeed you are!!! Love you muchly aunty!!! Keep breaking the internet!!!!!!!!

Hip Hip Hip!!! He Reigns!!!

break-the-internet-covered-yet-sexy-nhn-jagabeauty-2_renamed_18911 break-the-internet-covered-yet-sexy-nhn-jagabeauty-3 break-the-internet-covered-yet-sexy-nhn-jagabeauty-8_renamed_3430 break-the-internet-covered-yet-sexy-nhn-jagabeauty-7 break-the-internet-covered-yet-sexy-nhn-jagabeauty-6 break-the-internet-covered-yet-sexy-nhn-jagabeauty-5_renamed_4000 break-the-internet-covered-yet-sexy-nhn-jagabeauty-4

Makeup- Ngozy Ezeka Atta, Jagabeauty Studio

Model and Designs- Nkechi Harry Ngonadi, NHN Couture

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