BROWN SKIN IN RED | How to Rock A Red Lipstick.

She is older yet sexy, elegant and faultless. She makes the guys go ahhh!! and the ladies coon uhhh…I call her fierce because she’ll light up any dull face. I call her …(drum roll please….)RED!!!!, yep say hello to good old Red Lipstick. Classic isn’t she?

For those of you who can rock a red lipstick, you’re probably hailing her right now with a big nod and a smile *wink*, I see you! Some of you are probably thinking “this ain’t for me yo tssk!, I can never be caught wearing red lipstick even on the red carpet” (I can rhyme oo) lol! While a few of you are probably indifferent and about to move on to the next page – but before you do, please halt and read on babaay, because this write up is a life saver girl.

Red for me, is a colour that exudes a good amount of positive energy. It can give confidence to those who are shy or lacking in will power. True that, I’ll say! I love that I feel confident and even sexy when I wear a red lipstick. Even times when I feel like my outfit ain’t banging enough, I smack on some red lipstick and it totally transforms my mindset, same as putting on a good pair of high heels.

It has even been associated with our most physical needs and the will to survive, hmmmm… Come to think of it, I once saw a movie about a woman with breast cancer who would wear a red lipstick and then feel like life has given her a second chance.

Still wondering how all this talk about red lipstick concerns you? Well here’s how you can rock it ‘cause you can. 🙂


♥ Can’t find your perfect shade? Well there is no perfect shade of red. There are so many gorgeous shades of red. Try them all until you find one that makes you look and feel radiant.
♥You will find red lipsticks in various textures, matte, sheer, stains, tints, glazes and shimmer. Go for whichever texture makes you rock. Don’t be afraid to try them all till you find the one you love best.
♥ Wear red lipstick with the lightest possible eye makeup or none at all. I usually would go for a soft smokey eye or just a winged eyeliner.
♥ Think it’s too red for your skin tone? Don’t clean it off just yet, try toning it down with a lighter shade (I usually do pinks or a peach colored lipstick in the mid section of my lips) or add a coloured gloss over it.
♥ Use lighter shades of red for more mature skin or if you are older, our lips tend to thin as we age. Dark lips will only make them appear thinner.
♥ To ensure my lipstick has a long staying power, I’ll apply a red lip liner all over my lips before my lipstick goes on. This trick works all the time. Try a lip liner in the same shade if possible except your aim is to achieve a different outcome.
♥ You don’t want your lipstick bleeding? Apply a little concealer (in your shade) around the boarder of your mouth with an angle brush.
Now go give it a try if you’ve never, and for you faithfuls, keep rocking it gurls!!!

That’s my take ladies. Let me know what you think. Stay Be-You-tyful!!!

Always, Jaga xoxo

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