Makeup Inspiration: Valeriya Kutsan

In my post “Makeup as an art form and storytelling tool“, I wrote about how I came to the realisation that just like a painter with his paint and brushes or a photographer with his camera to create art or tell a story, I see myself as a storyteller with my eyeshadow, eyepencil, lipstick, blushes and brushes with which I will tell stories, touch people’s lives positively and fight for causes I believe in. This my Art! This is my Calling!

Today I am inspired by Russian Makeup Artist, Valeriya Kutsan.  Her series,”2D Or Not 2D” and “Weird Beauty”, she used an array of techniques creating works of art, using makeup to paint and models’ faces as canvases. She creates these awesome works teaming up with photographer Alexander Khokhlov and expert photo editor Veronica Ershova.

Enjoy the pictures and be amazingly inspired!

2D Or Not 2D

Weird Beauty



To see more of Valeriya Kutsan’s incredible work, see her website here.





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