Lipgloss that will stay on your lips for Africa!

I don’t mean to put anyone down ehnnn, but there was one ‘matte’ gloss I used one time and I had to keep my mouth like this *yuck* (ok I didn’t find the appropriate smiley), because the way the thing cracked on my lips ehn, infact it was falling off as I was talking :]Y.

The kine speed I used to clean it off after taking the review pictures ehn.

Behhht… I have found my ideal ‘matte’ lipgloss!

This  (tester) “Classic matte lipgloss” was just laying in the studio for like a very long time before Yewande and I decided to try it on. :Ooh-mi-gosh, lekwe instant glam! ;;) *XX* **-) .

Classic Lipgloss-Jagabeauty

It can stay on your lips for Africa (0.0) ( (which is good of course), you’d need to scrub it off when you done, but it’s so comfortable to wear and has a neat finish, unlike the punishment of some other matte lippies #:-s

We have found our new bestest lip candy!!!(0.0)

You can imagine the speed we used to buy our own once it was stocked in the studio whoot whoot!

Thank me later, after I have thanked you for purchasing at Jagabeauty Studio!

Only N500! (Five Hundred Naira)

Enjoy the rest of your day.

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