Studio Activity at Jagabeauty Makeup School!

‪I’m so proud of myself for how much I’ve learned and how far I’ve come in my makeup skills just by watching Jaga do work on her clients face! How much more, being schooled by her.

She has a very well known rep for drawing “brows to bow for” like a true artist! I watch her meticulously outline each brow and encourage myself in the Lord, for as long as I’m still learning from her, I shall get there! Lol!

Her foundation and powder blending is quite the definition of awesome, it gives your face such a sun-kissed glow such that if you were not smiling before, my dear, your teeth will open in a wide grin or blush, however your case may be! Lol! And after her work is done, your face is ready to make all the right impressions! ~Satisfied Student!

Come and be a part of this 20% off promo on tuition fess, for the month of October. It’s not too late! Come and learn to be a pro at the feet of a pro! Call +2348071545558 or +2348033358318 for more info.

And have a Be-You-tiful day lovelies!


3 thoughts on “Studio Activity at Jagabeauty Makeup School!

  1. indeed brows to bow for. nice one Queen Jaga………………. that my proposed visit don dey rish oooooo, to tink i stay in lere, and i havent poped in to say hello!!!!!!!! smh4mi, keep flying high……………………


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