Intern Spotlight: The guy who became a makeup artist

No woman would have walked into our studio, seen Ibrahim and expect that he would be able to give her a ‘face beat’ with the “jaga touch”, in fact, some had come in and scoffed at the idea.


Fast forward some months later…

Today, Ibrahim (aka IbroJaga) has grown from just managing the numbers (as the studio manager) to being one of Jagabeauty sought after makeup artist by most of our loyal and high-end clients‎.

His makeup artist journey is an exciting story. He learned majorly, by‎ observing. He’d usually keep a close watch as Queen Jaga tutored her students. And from time to time he’d bring in his sister to the studio and make her his model, as he tries to replicate what he had observed.

Some may think it funny, but IbroJaga takes pride in what he does. He wields his status (Studio Manager and Makeup Artist) as a sword in his hand ready to conquer that beauty challenge.

Jagabeauty is proud of you!

#IbroJaga #teamjaga #proudlyjaga

Enjoy pictures of some of his works…




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