Wedding Vendor (Cakes & Sweets): “The Experience -Sweet Indulgence.”

‎My first experience with Sweet Indulgence was at a wedding in August. Now I don’t usually do red-velvet (thanks to previous unpleasant experiences) but it must have been fate that brought this particular red-velvet and me together that day.

So… the sweets waiter came by my table with a large tray containing servings of a “whipped cream red-velvet” each on different side plates. I’m not sure why, ‎but I’m not necessarily a cake lover, however I stretched my hand to receive his offer and dropped it beside me on the table. I busied my mouth with other attractions set before me and when I was done (after taking a break of about a mili minute), I was ready to eat of the cake that was now before me.

Almost reluctantly, I took the first bite!!! and I promise you!!! my taste bud carried me (like on a feathery cloud) to Cake Heaven!!! I was sooo pleasured by the experience that I went on and on and on to my friend NikkiandTees about how amazing the cake was. I bet she didn’t really understand until she took her first bite and then it was her turn to go on and on and on!!! Lawrdy lawrd! There was something about the taste, the way it filled my mouth with maximum fluffiness and pleasurized my senses with every melting bite! I had to, I just had to get the contact of the baker!



If I ever had any need for cake, even “just because” I was definitely going to call Olamide (CEO Sweet Indulgence). Since then I’ve gone to Sweet Indulgence for wedding and birthday cakes. She was even so kind enough to give me a complementary tray of cupcakes “just because”.

Well done Olamide Smith!

Now you know, because I’m a good christian, I would share the love. I know you know you want to have this experience!

Sweet Indulgence 1

Call: +234 (0)802 222 8803
Address:20B Oyediran Street off Bode Thomas road, Surulere, Lagos.
Facebook: Sweet Indulgence by Ola

picture credits: Sweet Indulgence Nigeria

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