3 decades and 2 years. Celebrating Life!

3 decades and 2 years! Yay! My life has only just begun!

Yesterday turned out to be one of the best days of my life! I ended up with an unexpected birthday celebration with family, friends, members of staff and students, all bearing gifts, well wishes and kind words. I am overwhelmed by how much God heard the whispers of my heart and just multiplied my reasons to be grateful.

I’ll like to appreciate everyone who contributed to making my day a beautiful including you! You never know how much your life is affecting people until special days like this when their speeches make you speechless! Father I am eternally grateful! You are the reason for my many reasons to be grateful! I love You!

Enjoy the pictures!

Yesterday I went NATURAL! No-Makeup-Day for my birthday!


Amazing Staff and Students!

1 2 3 9 10 12

me and mySweetie!
me and mySweetie!

21 22 23 24 27

And Jagabeauty Facebook family have asked for a tutorial on simple eye shadow application and blending! As part of my birthday celebration, I held a small tutorial class demonstrating this!


14 15 19Watch this space! Step by Step tutorial coming soon!

Thanks guys for constantly coming to this space, I really appreciate it!

Till my next post, always stay Be-You-tiful!



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