NHN Couture- Sexy, Fabulous and Simply Classy

I can’t help myself! I am obsessed with Aunty Nkechi’s designs! Only if I can wear her designs everyday! I’ve been smiling since I’ve been organizing this post! It’s her smile! It’s infectious even through the pictures!

Nkechi Harry Ngonadi is an inspiration and her post on Instagram on Relationships, Friendship and Business has inspired a lot of her friends and fans most especially me!

Visit NHN Couture for your traditional bridal collections, aso-ebi or you just want a classy, unique, and sexy collection for your wardrobe! Follow NHN Couture on Instagram- @nhn_couture and Facebook Page- NHNcouture

I present to you NHN Couture! On a mission to bring decency back to church first and the society at large! Covered yet sexy, fabulous and simply classy is her motto!

NHNcouture-1 NHNcouture-2 NHNcouture-3 NHNcouture-4 Blue Aso-ebi Style by NHN Couture- Makeup and Gele by Jagabeauty NHNcouture-6 NHNcouture-7 NHNcouture-8 NHNcouture-9 NHNcouture-10 NHNcouture-11 NHN-Couture-12 NHNcouture-13 NHNcouture-15 NHNcouture-16 NHNcouture-17 NHNcouture-18

NHNcouture-1 NHNcouture-2 NHNcouture-3

10428525_10203973122706818_9021330694814263802_n NHNcouture-4 NHNcouture-5 NHNcouture-6

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See more amazing designs at nhncouture.com



32 thoughts on “NHN Couture- Sexy, Fabulous and Simply Classy

  1. Wats NHN contact details…after all that…U’d expect d contact to be included…
    Very beautiful woman n styles…can’t wait to patronise


  2. Exquisite designs but ‘too’ expensive. Not for a woman managing herself. Good soup na money Killam anyway. That being said, I’m still planning on getting a few of her designs for my 3 daughters wedding.


  3. Hi. My english le very bad. Looollll… i speak french. Im a senegalese from Dakar
    Je voudrais savoir si vs livrez à Dakar? ?? J’adore les foulards nigerians aussi. Comment faire pour en avoir? ?? Merci


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