Brows to Bow for!- eyebrow tutorial

Hello Sweet-lings, this has been a long time coming, friends and all who have requested I do an eyebrow tutorial – HERE IT IS!!!! FINALLY!! (Covers face in small shame) I did this about 4 months ago actually. So I am truly sorry I procrastinated.

Well if you think you have seen just about enough of eyebrow tutorials, have you seen the QUEEN’S BROW? 

Yea you heard me right so stop looking over your shoulders, I said it… Jaga is the brow Queen (Fluttering my eyelashes) LOL!!!

Please forgive my ranting jare, I’m just excited!! So back to the matter. If you have struggled with your eyebrows before now, your struggles are waaay over because this simple how-to is designed to help you achieve simple, beautiful and not superficial… I repeat, NOT SUPERFICIAL BROWS!

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1. MAC Eyebrow Pencil

2. Zaron Eyebrow Definer

3. Disposable Spoolie Wand

4. MAC Angled Eyebrow Brush

5. Milani Concealers in 02 and 03

What I used


Before you begin, Please make sure your eyebrows are well-groomed, tweezed, waxed or threaded (which ever suits you and your pocket) 

Step 1– Using a pencil (well sharpened), outline the top and bottom of your brows, with soft strokes.

Step 1

Step 2– Bring both ends to join together at the tail end, not forgetting to create a soft or sharp arch as is suitable for your face.

Step 2

Step 3– Using a pencil or an eyebrow filler, fill in the sparse areas of your eyebrows, moving your strokes in the direction your brow hair grows. Please note- Strokes should be applied softly as your aim here is to create natural looking brows.

Step 3

Step 4– With your spoolie stick or mascara wand, brush over your eyebrows lightly. You do this to achieve a soft look, so if by happenstance your excitement got you overboard and your result is overly drawn or dark eyebrows, you can fix this with a spoolie stick.

Step 4

Step 5– Where is your angled eyebrow brush? Or do you have a flat synthetic brush? With any of these brushes, take some concealer and highlight underneath your eyebrows as seen in box 5. Now I use my shade of concealer to highlight when I want my brows looking really natural, and I use a shade lighter when I want it to look a little bit more defined than the everyday look. The choice is yours.

Step 5

Step 6– With the same brush, blend the concealer into your skin in a downward motion, leaving just a little highlight effect for a lift.

Step 6

Step 7– Get your spoolie stick again and brush over your eyebrows. This will create an even softer look and put your brows in place.

Step 7

Step 8– You are good to go! Oops, make sure you get your makeup done though! Lol!

Step 8

I should have a simple makeup tutorial coming soon, so do not take your eyes off this space this week, ok? Thanks Darlyn. 

Eyebrow tutorial


SUGGESTED EYEBROW PENCILS—– (I am listing these because a good eyebrow pencil makes all the difference)

  1. MAC Eyebrow Pencil in SPIKED (My all-time favourite)
  2. BM PRO’s Eyebrow pencil. ( one of the best eyebrow pencils I have used)
  3. MABROOK Eyebrow pencil (it’s Super)
  4. TARA’s Eyebrow pencil in Brown or Dark Brown
  5. BH AUTOMATIC eyebrow pencil in BRUNETTE(light brown) or DARK BRUNETTE (dark brown)

ALERT!!!! A good eyebrow pencil should not be waxy or soft. That’s my take.

So you like? Do you think you can make this happen? Do try it out and let me know what you think? You can also send your pictures to, if you would like me to rate you. 

Some pictures of the Queen’s Brow! Yep that’s me!

Camera360_2013_12_12_013054 Camera360_2014_1_6_085758 lvWng4mt38F9nJGp4giYGQ8w3OE-HB2z_vur1NRZi-4 WP_20131028_003 WP_20131028_005 WP_20131210_001 WP_20131210_009

Thank you for stopping by, loads of love and please always stay Be-You-tyful!!!!!




11 thoughts on “Brows to Bow for!- eyebrow tutorial

  1. I am your number one fan. Will try it and send you a rock sweets! God bless the work of ur hand.


  2. OMG! I stumbled across ur blog just few minutes ago and dis blog is soo fab. It has all my favourite tyns: Make-up, hair care, skin care… U r gud, really, and I hope u knw u gat a new faaaaaaaan!!! Keep it goin gurl #Huggiesss#


  3. Best makeup blog tips I have ever come across! I live in Kampala Uganda. I have really small eyes and I like the white pencil liner you used in one of the photos above …where you are dressed in cobalt blue…can you sell to me that white eyeliner please…


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