What’s In My Makeup Box- “THAT MAKEUP BOX RAID! Ahhhh!!!!”

Eye shadows? Check!  Brushes? Check!!  Lipsticks? Check!!! Bronzers? Check!!!!

(Who remembers PSALTY’S KIDS PRAISE 5? GOING CAMPING?) LOL! and I Digress 🙂

Yep that’s my roll call before and after makeup application, especially when I have just been on my feet all day at the studio or at some photoshoot. I’ve got to “check” and  “check” all the time, because trust me losing one of my makeup tools or a product is worse than missing a fine meal. Lol! Not like I’m proud of starving myself, but mhen! Apart from the fact that I love my makeup, these things, hmmm, na money kill am ooo. Ehhen. So Check! Check!! Check!!!

So many have wondered what products I use for my flawless jobs? (Backpat! Hehheee!) I hear…”Jaga what brush set do you have?” “Jaga do you use …. powders? “What face primers do you work with?” etc. Well in this section, I have decided to answer some, or maybe all of such questions. As often as I can, I’ll list and talk about the products I have in “My Makeup Box”.

What in My Makeup Box

Here we go for a start…


Amongst other Brush Cleaner’s, I have the PARIAN SPIRIT PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANER WIPE, in My Makeup Box.


O boy! Is this the ish or what? I am so in love with this brush cleaning wipes, and to think I stumbled upon it by chance. I got it at The Makeup Show New York 2014 and I got them for free!!! I had already done all my buy-buy and wasn’t going to buy any more and besides my master card had given me a “code red”, so all I was doing at this point, was going by makeup product stands that I had not been able to visit earlier and making mental notes to check out their products online or at the next makeup show.

So I stopped by the Parian Spirit stand and was like “how good is your brush cleaner?” I think they were sold out so to answer my question, the attendant gave me about 6 to 7 of these to try out and trust me, they are awesome! This wipe is designed for quick cleaning of oil based makeup, spirit gum, medical adhesives, waxes, clays, gum, dried acrylic, latex, etc. It not only cleans your brushes, but also conditions, disinfect and leaves your brushes feeling soft with a little shine to it. It also leaves a nice fragrance on the brushes. And guess what? It is quick dry too!


  • Tear open packet and wipe brushes clean 



  • Dry with paper towel 
  • Brush must be completely dry before reusing!

Note! It is environmentally safe.

I do have my Haggai & Esther Brush Cleaner in my Makeup Box, see my review ⇒HERE. However, this Parian Spirit Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner Wipe is my on-the-go brush cleaning buddy! I love it! For thorough cleaning and disinfecting, use Parian Spirit Immersion Tub.

I hope this helped? If you are able to purchase this online or at a store, please let me know and fill me in on what your take is on the product.

Please don’t forget to drop your comments below, I’ll be elated!!!

Remember you are Be-You-Tyful always!!!


It’s QueenJaga 

title picture credits~Photography by Colin Ross

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