MY JOURNEY TO HEALTHY LIVING: one step at a time

My journey so far- rocky but rewarding. As the week goes by, it gets easier that there’s a strong temptation to relax. This is my 3rd week and going STRONG.

My goals last week:

  • Exercise 5 days a week for 45mins
  • Include some core exercises
  • Do 100 skips a day
  • Drink 1.5L water a day
  • Go to bed by 11.30pm (Lord Help Me!)

Exercise 5 days a week for 45mins and include some core exercises

This week I worked on building my core strength muscles, to work on my waist line and give my back good support and posture by doing different styles of exercise. With my Adagurl workout video, I also added a Yoga workout from a video I saw on YouTube which I did for only two days and quit- I just couldn’t find my balance! I’ll try again someday. I also found an Abs workout for beginners by Jillian Michaels which I used yesterday and today. After the Agility Workout by Adagurl and the Abs Workout, my whole body still aches so badly and I am told that it’s a good thing which means that my muscles are tightening. I don’t workout on the weekends but I will have to tomorrow. My boo says that since I have only done two days of the Abs Workout , I’ll have to do it one more day so that my muscles will get used to the routine and start relaxing.

When starting these exercises you will feel aches and pains which means that your muscles are strengthening. But make sure you persevere for the whole week because after the third day, your muscles get used to working out. Remember- Make sure you exercise three days consistently. Your muscles will get used to it and the pains will ease off.

For my next workout routine, I will be using Flavour – Chinny Baby. Core. Adagurl. Why I like this video is because of the music- Naija for life! And also the fact that, I have to keep my stomach muscles tense during this routine, which will strengthen my core muscles (stomach, side and back).

After the 5th week, when I have my eating plan and exercise routine established, I would want to re-introduce some carbohydrates into my diet, like my muesli and yogurt-I miss them so much. But this time, I must eat them in small portions not two full plates a day, filled with yogurt, like I used to in the past. One thing I am also working on, is not make this journey some sort of punishment but a lifestyle so that it is easy for me to continue. Writing this makes me scared because I am afraid that I will go back to my former lifestyle of just eating anything, everything and not exercising. I’m sure I will figure it out as I go along.

I only exercised for 30 minutes but hopefully next week I hope to reach my goal of 45 minutes. Let’s see how that goes.

Do 100 skips a day

I didn’t even skip once. I get so tired after the 30 minutes workout that I can’t even lift my arms!

Drink 1.5L water a day

I wasn’t counting but I drank lots of water especially when the temptation came to eat something after dinner.

Go to bed by 11.30pm

I tried, Lord knows I did BUT! I went to bed by 12am! Let’s see how I’ll do this coming week. It’s not easy breaking a bad habit!

My eating habit this week

I still maintained drinking liquids (water, blended fruits and veggies) throughout the day and a light dinner before 8pm sometimes 7.30pm.

“Tips for when you get hungry after dinner? Drink lots of water, which will fill your tummy and have lots and lots of carrots close to you! That’s what I did!”


This journey has taught me about perseverance, determination, staying positive and keeping in front of me the end goal of what I want to achieve in the end. 

Like I wrote in one of my blog post, these principles give me that push when I’m doing my exercises and my body aches so badly that I want to quit or when I see that TV advert watching the model sink her teeth into a McDonald’s Double Cheese Pounder, or when I have sent out proposals and I don’t get a reply for weeks, or when it just seems like nothing is moving forward. During my time of doubt, I close my eyes, take a deep breath in and out and I remind myself why I am on this journey- for longer healthier life so that my son, my future husband, mu future children and my family will have me around for a very, very long time to come and more so, I really want to fit into that beautiful size 10 dress!

I’m going to take this journey, one step at a time!



4 thoughts on “MY JOURNEY TO HEALTHY LIVING: one step at a time

  1. Good job, Joy! Five days a week for 45 minutes is a great way to shed some pounds and stay in shape. And working the core is very important. I do both strength training and cardio. I lift 4 times a week and combine my lifting with an hour of cardio. On the weekends, I give myself a break so I can write and work on my blog and children’s books.
    Doesn’t working out make you feel so much better?=) It’s very empowering; especially when we start to see definition and results.


    1. Gina, since I started working out and eating healthy, I feel so much lighter! 2 months ago I didn’t know if my body was carrying me or if I was carrying my body! Walking was a chore but now I feel amazing. I am just hoping and hoping that it will stay a habit- that’s the hard part!


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