Makeup for the Soul: “NUTRIENTS FOR GREAT SKIN”

“Real beauty doesn’t come from a bottle of jar, it comes from within us. There is no substitute for the healthy glow that comes from taking care of yourself naturally…”

I have had this book for about 3 years now. My husband got it for me believing that it will be very useful not only for my job but for myself too.

From time to time I stumble upon some pages but very recently I have discovered that its content is for every woman’s (young and old) delight.

So I’ll be sharing with you when I can, tips from the book “1001 NATURAL REMEDIES” by Laurel Vukovic who is also and a contributing editor for Natural Health magazine..

Today’s focus is “NUTRIENTS FOR GREAT SKIN”. I would be sharing with you two major nutrients and I’m sure you will find this useful. Let’s start with the point you were not expecting!

VITAMIN E: It scavenges your body for damaging free radicals. Increase your intake of vitamin E by eating nuts, seeds, avocados, and extra virgin oil daily. Red pepper and Broccoli contain vitamin C.

Vitamin E is good for strong immunity, healthy skin and eyes

OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS: These “good” fats fight inflammation of the skin and increase resiliency and lubrication of your body’s tissues. You can find Omega-3 fatty acids in cold-water fish, such as salmon and sardines or in flax-seed oil or ground flax-seeds. These cold-water fishes reduces blood pressure and fat in the blood and also reduces risk of sudden cardiac death.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Flaxseed oil does not have dietary fiber.

I promise to do this more often and share with you tips on taking care of yourself beyond just the outside, with “nutrients” and such.

Till the next post, stay Be-You-tiful!

Queen Jaga

HEALING SLEEP: Did you know that dull skin and bags under the eyes are tell-tale signs of sleep deprivation? For your skin to look its best, try to sleep for seven to eight hours a night.

 resources: Book-1001 Natural Remedies pix,, wisegeek


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