Throwback Thursday-Our Very First Post!-Makeup 101- HOW TO MATCH YOUR LIPSTICK WITH YOUR EYE SHADOW

This was our very first post in March 2013!! We done come a long way and we still at it, consistently! Also the 2nd and 3rd pictures where from some of our very first makeup photoshoot in 2010 and the 4th pictures was one of our earliest bride also in 2010! We only get better each day!


1- If you have hot tone on your eyes, never go for a darker shade lipstick, particularly in the day time. Go with Warm shades on eyes and a soothing light coloured lipstick.
2- Do you prefer the crazy or smokey-eye look, with shades of black and other warm colours? Then put on light shades like- beige and light brown or you can wear light shades of pink, peach or any other neutral tone. This will help you enrich your beautiful eyes. It all depends on your complexion but avoid dark hues.

3- If you want to go with the I-am-a-good-girl-innocent-look, wear light tones on your eyes, as well as on lips, but a good quality of gloss will make your look complete and perfect!


4- For smoothly prominent eyes, wear dark or warm shades lipstick and neutral colour on your eyes. If you go with the hot pink shade, wear a very light toned colour on your eyes.


Your aim at the end of the day, is to enhance what beauty you already possess and not detract from your natural beauty. The colour selection should always be sensible and precise.

And when you’re done, look in the mirror, smack your lips and sing “Isn’t she lovely…!”

Till my next post- Stay beautiful ladies!


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