The B-Style Babes: Japanese Women and Becoming Black!

I stumbled on an artice-“B-Style Babes: Japanese Women Adopting The ‘Black Lifestyle'” and all I could do was heave a heavy sigh; as in, what’s going on in this life? We’ve not heard the last of the Dencia/Lupita battle on Whitenicious and as that one is dying down this one springs up! Dark babes wanting to be white and White babes wanting to be black!


But before we get ahead of our-self, lets find out what this B-Style is all about!

Ok! The B-Style is a trend among some young Japanese who adore and imitate Black culture and lifestyle.  This is a latest craze among Tokyo’s daring young women whose love are for all things “black” and prompts the devotees to braid their hair, rock “urban” fashion and routinely darken their skin at tanning salons.

It’s kind of interesting that these young Japanese are interested in black culture. But then I ask myself, what is black culture? I am an African, Nigerian to be precise and I am black but I do not have a “black culture”! I tried to find the definition of ‘Black Culture’ and the Urban Dictionary defines it as,”Unable to define. The Black Community themselves cannot define. Off shoot of American Culture hyper-driven with attitude, gangs, drugs and broken families”… and I must add hip-hop. I also think Black Culture is synonymous to the African-American culture which is another research and article for another day!

This has made me ponder on our quest toward acceptance of our own reflection. Just like the B-style babes, one way or the order we have dabbled in different ways to be- different, to stand out, to fit in and to be accepted. We are no different from them but what will make us stand out is an acceptance of our true self- externally and internally.

As Lupita Nyong’o said in her acceptance speech at the Essence magazine Black Woman in Hollywood Breakthrough Award, she encourages us to feel the validation of our external beauty and also get to the deeper business of being beautiful inside because there is no shade in that beauty.

What do you think? How can we work on accepting our self, inside and outside?

picture credit tumblr-b-gyaru


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