Product Review- The Fabulosity Makeup Range

Hi beauties,

It’s about time I posted my review on my latest makeup rave – Fabulosity Cosmetics! (Some yummy stuff I bet you!).


I received a call from Nem some few weeks back, she had come across Jagabeauty’s blog and believed it will be a ‘sweet’ platform for ‘Fabulosity’ to make some noise! (My words not hers, lol)!

Anyhoo, she sent me some freebies to review, and I received them with joy and open arms.

I got a:

  • Concealer in ‘medium’
  • Lip pencil in ‘Rose bud’
  • Matte eyeshadow in ‘ORANGE’ and ‘PURPLE’
  • Lipgloss

Fabulosity cosmetics was created, for women of color, who like to look and feel fabulous. The line has a range of Lipsticks, Lipglosses, Eyeliners, Lip liners, Eyebrow pencils, Concealer, Mascara and Blushes, with hope for a new exclusive range in the future.

Jagabeauty-Fabulosity-Review3 Jagabeauty-Fabulosity-Review4 Jagabeauty-Fabulosity-Review1

My first observations:

    • Solid packaging, giving the feel that it is a quality brand.
    • Simple branding.
    • Black and gold are the brand’s colors.

My take on:
The Concealer:
Because medium is too light for me, I decided to try it out on a client, and I was pleased! It is water based, so it doesn’t cake and is not oily. It blended out well and did not appear heavy at all.

The Lipgloss:
This I first tried on myself and the sweet aroma that hit me was like bubble-gum. -I love me some sweet smelling lipgloss!

The Lip-pencil (in rose bud):
Perfect for creating nude lips. It can be used all over the lips too.

The Eyeshadow:
I particularly loved the matte orange eyeshadow. It has good intensity and would definitely pop with a good eyeshadow base.


      • Concealer: N3,000
      • Lipgloss- N1,700
      • Matte Shadow- N1,200
      • Lip Pencil- N800

My overall take:

      • Do I think it’s suitable for our weather? Yes I do!
      • Long lasting? Yes!
      • Attractive? Yes!
      • Of good Quality? Yes!
      • Very affordable too

I’m ready and willing to try out their different range of products. Fabulosity Cosmetics are available at Jagabeauty Studio. Visit us and for any four Fabulosity Range you buy, we’ll do a trial for free and ensure you get your right shade.

Check out Fabulosity Facebook Page to view more of their range.

Stay Be-You-tiful!


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