Product Review- Yoko Spa Milk Salt

I have always envisioned bathing in milk. And then I discovered “Yoko” Spa Milk Salt and my imaginations came true (well some how)!

When I started working at Jagabeauty Studio, people often came in requesting for a certain “Spa Salt”, but it was out of stock at the time. This Spa Salt never stays long on our shelves the studio manager would tell them. Disappointed but expectant they would ask that we please reserve 1, 2, 3, 4, when we have them in stock. I became curious!  What’s this ‘Spa Salt’ every client seem to love and want more of? Whatever it was I was going to get it and try it out.

Because of the high demand, it was quickly restocked and I was quick to snag 3. (Yes, 1 for me and 2 for my loved ones!). They came in a variety of flavors but you know what flavor I picked? MILK!


On the body, it reads:
-Whitening (don’t let that scare you. It’s not a bleach, lol)
-Smooth & Baby Skin (this is true story. You will testify after you use it)
-Enriched Vitamin E (this is always good news for me when I’m seeking to buy a body product)

Using YOKO Spa Salt Milk has become one bathing routine I enjoy. I enjoy the velvety smoothness of my skin when I’m all washed up. It makes me feel really clean INDEED.

Yoko Spa Milk Salt is a whitening, enriched vitamin E, pure milk and natural salt benefit. It provides nourishment to your skin with pure Milk Derma White and Allantoin. It removes dirt deposit and dead skin cells from your body, giving you a new and radiant skin.

After bathing. Pour Spa Milk Salt on your hand. Rub gently in circular motion on wet skin. Leave it on your skin for 3 minutes and then rinse off with clean water. Use preferably, 2 times a week.

After use, you can feel your skin’s softness and smoothness. That’s also because it is shedding old skin cells and allowing the skin to breathe.

WARNING (they don’t tell you this one, so thank me later):
Because of the tenderness of the skin on your face (I believe) 3 minutes may be a long period of time to leave the salt before washing. If however you decide to leave it anyway, you will feel your face stinging, if you enjoy that feeling, you can leave it on, if not, please wash it off your face fast. Also, I heard someone comment that during use, she noticed her face was getting lighter than her body. Well this is probably because she over used it. This spa salt should be used 2 times in a week.


Are you tempted to try this Spa-Salt out yet or need I do another review?

It comes in different flavors but we stock the Cucumber, Aloevera, Passion Fruit, Ginseng and Milk flavor. Make your order. Rush to our studio. Tell somebody to tell somebody. Remember it doesn’t stay long on our shelves. Lol.

Till my next post,

Stay Be-You-tiful!

Rema Ezeka, JagabeautyPRstrategist

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12 thoughts on “Product Review- Yoko Spa Milk Salt

    1. Aggie,
      Hi we do have Yoko Spa Salt but we only deliver within Lagos for now. Please give me a call 08033358318 and lets see if we can work out something, maybe you have relatives coming over for the Christmas? 🙂


  1. Please I want to confirm, because on the spa salt it is written whitening skin, does it when a dark person like me cannot use it.. Thank you


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