Flashback Friday & Product Review- The L’Oréal Beau Tea Party

The L’Oréal Beau Tea Party.
Date: 03-03-2014.

The clouds decided to open up and pour down with rain in the morning, but it wasn’t going to stop me from attending the L’Oreal Beau Tea Party. And neither did it stop the many beauty bloggers I got the opportunity to mingle with at the party.

After our pictures were taken, we pretty much went down to business. This assembling was for the purpose of introducing and reintroducing the new Maybelline New York and Carson to Nigeria and Nigerians and we were the first set of eyes and ears.

One of my favorite part of the event was being handed my L’OREAL goodie bag. The size of the bag alone was so exciting and then when I looked into the bag to view it’s contents, I did double flips in my mind, lol, yes I was over excited! You would be too if you received such quality beauty products without having to pay for it! Who doesn’t love a freebie? Lol!

The L'Oréal Beau Tea Party
So, I’d be letting you in on the contents of my L’OREAL bag and telling you what it feels like to use them.

Maybelline ALL IN ONE PowderMAYBELLINE ALL IN ONE POWDER: I already use the Maybelline New York Mousse foundation (in cocoa Dark 3) but the Maybelline ALL IN ONE Powder with SPF 25, is light weight and oil free, gliding ever so lightly when you apply it. It was made to smooth, mattify, control shine, conceal flaws, even, perfect tone, brighten and all together give a flawless skin finish to last the whole day. (Lol yes, it does all that magic). I especially prefer the finished look it gives me when I apply it after my foundation.

all-baby-lips-maybelline-baby-lips-32726340-300-300BABYLIPS: I simply love the feel of this lip balm on my lips and it smells really good. It’s soft, but not waxy, so it doesn’t leave that whitish residue on your lips after a long wear. I think this is one of the best balms I’ve used in a long while, it is the perfect balm that will hydrate and moisten those chapped lips. I carry it everywhere I go!

maybelline-new-york-the-colossal-volum--express-mascaraTHE COLOSSAL VOLUM’ EXPRESS MASCARA: Ok, so like its name ‘colossal’, this famous mascara is indeed a size larger than the usual mascara. I love the brush of the wand, it combs out my lashes nicely. However I think it does more of lengthening for me than volumizing. If you are looking to do wonders to that scattered lashes, this would be a fantastic buy!

maybelline-0-35-the-colossal-kajal-400x400-imadqybcpc2svuevTHE COLOSSAL KAJAL: Looking for a smear and smudge proof eyeliner? Then you’ve got a friend in ‘C.K’ (as I have nicknamed the Colossal Kajal). Can my love for this Kajal be over emphasized? Lol I think not! When I was being given this baby, I was told it stays on for more than 6 hours. This is no lie! I used it for the first time on Sunday and it stayed on for a whole 10 hours, and it’d have stayed some more if I didn’t have to take a shower. This Kajal can be used to achieve a smokey eyed look if used on the water line and smudged underneath the eyes -it can also serve in place of a liquid liner as it stays put and does not smear the top of your eyelid. It does not bleed when applied. It’s dark and lovely ❤️❤️❤️

That’s my take on these products. Have you used any of them? What was your experience?

I’ll appreciate your comments and thoughts…

Till my next post, stay Be.You.tiful!!!

Rema Ezeka, PR Strategist, Jagabeauty Studio

photo credit of the event and for pictures of the event, check out Damell Photography Blog, other links Maybelline New YorkMaybelline New York Nigeria

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