Throwback Thursday- Starting out as a freelance makeup artist

Looking back at some of Jagabeauty’s early makeup jobs as a freelance makeup artist! I was my sisters makeup artist and also made up the mother of the bride- my mum!

Before I quit my job I started out as a freelance makeup artist. I had a passion to create beauty and make people feel good about themselves. So while you are trying to figure out your next step in your career or unemployed or a student, as long as you have a passion to create beauty, you can start out as a freelance makeup artist.

So, here are few guidelines to help you take the next step:

1. Attend a Makeup Training School. This is not a necessity in the beginning especially if you can’t afford it but if this is truly your passion, set aside an hour or two a day to watch tutorials or read tutorials. Have a model with you to practice on and if you can’t find a model, get a mirror and practice on yourself. While you don’t need to go to a school in order to be a makeup artist, some form of training is required. As a makeup artist, you need to know about all the latest products and techniques being used. If you still can’t afford to go to a professional makeup school, consider doing an internship with a professional makeup artist.

2. Get a Makeup Kit. Get some of the basic tools like a mascara, eye shadow palette, some lipsticks, foundation palette, brushes, brush cleaner, a nude face powder, and cream eyeliner in black.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice! Practice makes perfect. Make use of any opportunity to use your friends and family to model for you. This way you can see if you really are cut out to be a makeup artist. Tell them to give you an honest opinion of how they feel with what you’ve done on their face.

4. Volunteer. You’ve improved on your new skills now, the next step is to develop professional skills and network. This is not the time to think about how much you are going to charge or how much money you are going to make. Offer your skills for free as much as possible, whether it is offering to be your friend’s makeup artist on her wedding day, or making up your friends before they go out for a party. The next tip will let you know why you should take this step seriously.

5. Build your Portfolio. Take pictures of any work you do on your family and friends. This is very essential because very soon, when you want to charge for your services, your clients would want to see examples of any previous work you have done.

6. Choose Your Niche. During your practice and volunteering, it is important for you to try to get experience in all areas of makeup artistry and in the process, you will discover your strengths and weaknesses which will help you decide what area you will specialize. Here are some areas you might think of specializing in:

  • Bridal Makeup
  • Makeup for Editorials/Print (advertisements, magazine shoots, etc.)
  • Televisions/Films
  • Cosmetics counter (retail makeup artist)
  • Theater makeup artist
  • Fashion (runway)
7.  Market yourself. Whether you want to make this your full-time job or continue as a freelancer, start marketing yourself and letting people know what you can do. There are various in-expensive platforms you can use to market your skills and showcase your portfolio- Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and you can also start blogging!


8. Be CONFIDENT! Your passion is to make people feel great about themselves! You will make a lot of mistakes and have some epic fail. Start again and get it right! Be proud of your failures and accomplishments because these experiences make you stronger and better. Do not be ashamed of what you do and take pride in your work!

Enjoy these pictures of some of one of my early jobs as a freelance makeup artist!

  • Client: Nkechi Idoko- My sister and Mrs. Ada Ezeka, my mum
  • Date: April 2009
  • Location: Owerri, Nigeria

Stay Be.You.tiful!


8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday- Starting out as a freelance makeup artist

  1. very inspirational. im an eye doctor and have a very strong passion for beauty and its art. i hope to open up a beauty business some day. i practice so much on myself and even volunteer sometimes. sometimes some people say it foolish of me knowing i am capable of. but iys my form of investment. i believe strongly that i wld excel in both ds art and my profession. forgot to mention u write beautifully. cheers.


    1. Thank you Dr. Ije for the compliments! It’s never too late to go after your dreams. You have started well by practicing on other people and yourself. When the time is right, you will know when to give it your full-time! Just let me know when you have!


  2. Now I understand the spirit behind the veil; never knew why I got attracted to your blog until today. Keep the wisdom and grace flowing and my best wishes to Daddy and Mummy Ezeka


  3. Thanks so much, your writing reveals that you are truthful and really sharing what you went through. Thank God for where you are today. This is very helpful


    1. Hi Ronke! Thank you. It’s a teachable journey with lots of victories as well as defeats and disappointments. But the secret is never giving up and lots self confidence and faith in the One who gives the strength to get up each day and keep at it. Thank you for stopping by Ronke ❤ 🙂


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