Product Review- Milani Bright Shine Lip Gloss

I am doing this review simply for love’s sake. For my love for you my avid readers, and for my love for this Amazing Lip Gloss! I am amazed, because finally I can believe that it is possible for a lip gloss not to bleed!

I had walked into a shopping mall during my lunch break and saw a pack of 3 lip glosses for the price of 1,000 naira, and because I was in dire need of a lip gloss I thought it would be a lucky buy. Thank God the ATM machines refused to pay me that day because I was wrong. I applied some of the lip gloss from a sample tube before I went about looking for an ATM that would permit me to walk away with these ‘treasures’ and by the time I got back to the ‘selling point’ ūüėČ I noticed that number 1- it had bled, and number 2- it had almost disappeared. I silently said ‘thank you’ to the unreliable network.

Back to the matter…

Later that week our studio was restocked and part of the new stock was a bunch of Milani Lip Gloss. I was finally going to get my lip gloss. Yay!¬†But then there was another challenge. All the shades and flavors were so tempting it was difficult to make a decision. Lol! I eventually went with Coral Crush for 1,500 Naira (Quality over quantity peoples!) and it wasn’t a wrong choice.

Milani Lip Gloss ShadesI feel so pretty every time I wear this lip gloss! It amazes me how it just literally stays put, you can wear it the whole day without it going past your lip line, and I must say, I’ve got love for the tint of glossy coral shine stain it gives my lips.


Preview:     What I love most about these new lip glosses are that they’re not sticky at all and feel extremely moisturizing and comfortable on the lips!

Availability: Jagabeauty Studio and other beauty stores.

Price:          1,500 Naira

If you aren’t already using any of Milani’s Lip Gloss, visit our studio to buy one, and then let us know how it’s treating you. If you already are, your contributions and comments will be well appreciated.

Until my next post,

Stay Be.You.Tiful

credits: pix of different shades mommytipsbycole, hellomissniki

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