Maybelline New York Nigeria Master Class ~How it went down!

Greetings beautiful people! I really hope your week went well? (Mine is, thank God!) If it didn’t, I encourage you to talk to God about it and trust me, you will see results! 🙂

My week kicked off with Jagabeauty Studio being represented at the Maybelline Master Class held at Radisson Blu Hotel on Monday, March 10th. Wow!

Funny thing is, we almost missed the class! Well, Mondays, my studio is closed and it’s also my day off. So after getting my daughter Marvel ready for school, O joyful me, I hit the bed again with a big thump waiting patiently for sleep to take me away! That would not happen though -as my sister (who is also my PR Strategist) walks into my room to alert me on an important email I received. After reading the email, I scrolled through my other mails and OMG I discovered that registration for the Master Class had begun 16 minutes ago (the class was to run from 9am to 2pm and this was 9:16am)! -you can’t imagine how we took off! Thankfully we got there at the nick of time and didn’t miss nothing. 😀

The class started with the Brand Manager of Maybelline New York Nigeria, Bukola Balogun, giving us a brief history of Maybelline -and did you know that the name Maybelline was coined from the founder’s sisters name Mabel and the product Vaseline?!

Moving on!

The class was introduced to the Creative Director of the brand in Nigeria, Bimpe Onakoya or as I like to call her, “aunty Bimpe” who is one of the doyenne of the Nigerian beauty industry and a dynamic creative Makeup Artist.

Bimpe Onakoya was in a “no holds barred terrain” as she shared with us all her makeup tricks and secrets to fantastic contouring, highlighting and the map to achieving a flawless look (all done with Maybelline products).

Here are a few quotes from Bimpe Onakoya:

  • Maybelline Anti-age Silicon applied before makeup helps close up the pores and allows the makeup glide on.
  • Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation stays on all day and is suitable for our weather.
  • Your foundation should be your shade and not a shade lighter.
  • Blend! Blend!! Blend!!!
  • “Makeup artists, can our mantra please be- Less is More?”
  • “You should be able to have fun when working.”
  • “Whatever you do, CACAO IT (contour)!”
  • “If you use the same brushes for different colors/powders, they’ll rub off on each other. Invest in brushes.”

Great session with aunty Bimpe I must say!

Next we went to mingle, and I made new friends including fantastic MUA, Ngozichukwuka Oni of Beauty & the Beholder. I also met Seun, who got to know about the event via our blog! I was so elated to hear that!

After mingling, we were treated to a buffet filled with sumptuous meals! I especially enjoyed the potatoes baked in butter!

The Maybelline New York Nigeria Master Class was a very educative and successful event with an amazing turn out!

Oluwayemisi Dada Seriki of N’Sure Beauty Lagos who also is an avid beauty blogger, has generously allowed us to use some of her pictures. Thank you Yemisi! To see more pictures of the event check out Yemisi’s blog- and follow Maybelline New York Nigeria on Facebook for updates on everything Maybelline!

Stay Be.You.tiful!

event picture credits~

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