My Social Media Week Lagos 2014 Journey- DAY 1- Making IT! Leveraging Owned Online Platforms as a Beauty Entrepreneur hosted by House of Tara International

The Social Media Week team has brought Social Media Week to Lagos this week! So I’m going to be posting my memoirs for the whole 5 days, or in my case, 4 days, because my Social Media Week began on Tuesday lol.

That Tuesday morning I was going through the fully packaged schedule for the Social Media Week and I’m so happy I saw and was able to register for “Making It!” (held at House of Tara studio Lekki) because if I didn’t, it would have been The Best Thing, That “Didn’t” Happen To Me, as in I would have missed BIG time.

Temi Akingbe (Head of Marketing, House of Tara Int’l) and Teniola Adejuwon (Executive Director, Beauty by Nature), the two facilitators for the event, helped to breakdown the ‘hows’ and ‘whats’ on ‘How to Make It’ using social media.

While Temi focused basically on using Instagram (which is presently my daily active spot- @jagabeauty_mua), Teniola thought Twitter was most effective for a Beautypreneur (lol, she’s an impartial Twitter lover excuse her)

Very resourceful tips were shared, including the incessant use of relevant hash tags (if you are posting a picture of you or your work, you want to hash tag with as many related titles to that picture and titles that will gain audience) this should help, among other things- increase your page views and likes. You should also create unique hash tags to make you or your brand stand out.


#Hashtagging is the new Google map! (lol, don’t quote me)

#For Twitter, re-tweet to get that targeted client’s attention (I didn’t say spam!)

#Follow to receive follows and as often as possible, respond to tweets and DMs

MORE (social media) TIPS…

#Engage your audience (Ask questions and provide feedback)

#Have a solid content plan (we don’t want our audience running off after their first visit)

Last but not the least…

#Be frequent in your postings (have a time-table if you like) no one wants to feel like they are following a ghost!

At the end. . . The day was fun and very insightful. I made new friends and did a lot of networking.

Till #SMWLagos memoir number 2, enjoy the pictures and always stay beautiful loves…



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