Birthday makeover with co-founder Make Me Hair Salon-Mrs Bukola Igbokwe

Hello folks,

Thanks a lot for stopping by. Trust you’ll have a great read so far.

Today I’ll be sharing with you my makeover session with my new friend and client,whose birthday was in October.

Bukola Igbokwe co- owns and runs one of the biggest salons in the world alongside her husband, Mr Ugochukwu Igbokwe. Biggest salon I say because, Make Me Beauty Place state of the art facility caters to about 40 people at a time. A one stop shop for your hair and beauty needs.

So that morning in October, Mrs Igbokwe comes over looking all ‘normal’, for her appointment. No one wouldda thought it was her special day as she was on her way to work as usual. However one of her wishes for her special day was to look extra ordinarily beautiful and her one stop place to get that was at Jagabeauty Studio! Her wish- Simple and Beautiful; so with my jaga-wand, I got this lovely butterfly out of her cocoon! See what went down.

Jagabeauty-Bukky-1 Jagabeauty-Bukky-2 Jagabeauty-Bukky-3 Jagabeauty-Bukky-4 Jagabeauty-Bukky-5


Need not to say that Mrs Igbokwe left our studio in high spirits. In her own words “Jaga you’ve made my day! Is this Me?…” lol. Yes it is you!!- because at Jagabeauty, everything is beautiful!

Thank you for coming by ma’am. I wish you many more great years ahead. And once again thanks for the sumptuous, creamy cake and drinks.


Foundation: Mary Kay 507 & and a hint of 600
Powder: Tint Powder Palette
Bronzer: Sacred blush and bronzer palette
Blush: Sacred blush palette

EYEBROWS : Zaron eyebrowfiller and BH automatic brow pencil

EYES: Sacred eye shadow palette, BH liquid eye liner, Zaron Lengthening Mascara and an unnamed eye lashes applied with Duo adhesive

LIPS: Zaron brick layers lip pencil, Zaron barefaced lipstick and lip gloss.

Till my next post,

Stay beautiful people.

It’s Jaga!


2 thoughts on “Birthday makeover with co-founder Make Me Hair Salon-Mrs Bukola Igbokwe

  1. i like this , so flawless , looks like she isn’t wearing any make up at all , almost natural. Love it. i like the way you go easy with the colours ,and you tend to work with what you have ( i mean the features on your clients faces) and accentuating them with subtle colours. She’s beautiful by the way.


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