“Memoirs’ of a Makeup Instructor”


Hiya Fam,

Our beloved country celebrated her 53rd Independence on the 1st of October, and of course like every business owner, or should I say ‘every good thinking Nigerian ‘ – I decided to mark this special transition with an event.

My staff members and I concluded on the 5 days discounted, one day training as the ideal independence celebration package. So from the 1st – 5th of October 2013, anyone could walk into Jagabeauty Makeup Studio and get a DIY (Do It Yourself) personal makeup training, for N3,000 only!

2013_10_02_21_08_07 2013_10_02_22_38_19 2013_10_03_08_19_36 2013_10_03_09_03_03 altAoXM1gSwLtMymd9hcVkiX4DhrhTpwIP9TNlW3SZoy905_jpg(2)

Ain’t that something, Lol! One thing for sure though, is that, I didn’t realize how busy we were going to become for 5 days! Boy! Did I get a good rest after that week! However, it was fun and YES! everyone caught on fast. 

9f77e0be-aa97-4936-8e4c-03c17026962c_jpeg  altAr3zHi3dBtM20QFXPfjN1AcbW6jEQFqS5eX4wuGdbePx_jpg(1) altAvRpCyxnw1xfy9z5x95N79C2s90uQxGGJ6_hkSH5CPhp_jpg



Here’s how it went down. Eleven attendee’s with two ladies in attendance twice. All received a certificate of attendance.

2013_10_01_20_15_54 2013_10_02_14_33_12 2013_10_02_19_54_03 2013_10_02_21_37_23 2013_10_02_21_49_43 2013_10_05_21_31_38 2013_10_05_21_55_55 2013_10_06_10_40_32 2013_10_06_10_44_59



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