Holiday Post- Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam

Hello Peoples,

Happy holidays!

I trust you all are having the time of your lives! I’m having a good rest after an extremely busy first week in October and patiently waiting for my sallah meat from my celebrating friends, neighbors and staff.

So while I wait, here’s my post for the week:-

Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam

I’m introducing you to one of my recent makeup adds a few months back: Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam. It is a foundation that finishes off light, matte and smooth.

How to use:
– Shake very well with the cap still on.
– Squirt a good amount of the foundation unto the back of your hand. The content is foamy.
– With your fingers, a wedge, flat foundation brush or a rounded kabuki brush (the best), apply evenly all over the face.
-Blend properly and then you have a clean finish.

 2013_10_08_21_02_50 2013_10_15_12_56_18 2013_10_15_12_58_25 2013_10_15_13_00_00

I use this foundation always on my client, Mrs. Austyn-Peters, as she is not one for heavy makeup and she totally loves the end result.

Mrs. Austyn- Peters, C.E.O. Terrakulture, Lagos, Nigeria
Mrs. Austyn- Peters, C.E.O. Terrakulture, Lagos, Nigeria


* Its good for sunburn.
* If you’re looking for heavy coverage, this may not be the foundation for you.

Till my next post… Stay beautiful!


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