“I Am Not My Hair” (in Indiana Arie’s voice)

So, I recently decided to get a new look, as I just felt bored with the weaves and all: the Brazilians, Peruvians and what have you not! Lol!

I got tired of the constant smacking of my head and looking for the next pointed object, just to get rid of the endless itching! Arrgghhh! and OoohYeah!! the relief I’d feel afterwards! What an addiction!! It was becoming really embarrassing.

Back in school I was more daring with my hair. I tinted, highlighted, trimmed and cut it as I pleased. Now in as much as I badly wanted to ‘scrape’ my hair off, I had to consult with my ‘Oga’, my hubby. I couldn’t afford for this to go wrong o! If not, na wig go get me till the hair gree commot again 🙂 Lol.

Anyhow, since I always do something major on my birthday (June 24th), I decided it was time! Off I marched to the salon that faithful Monday morning and… my pictures will reveal the outcome!
What say you people!!

1 2

3 4 5

I love my new look and I hope you do cos it hasn’t altered who I am one bit!! I’m still beautiful!!!

Till my next post, stay beautiful luvlies,

It’s Jaga. xoxo


12 thoughts on ““I Am Not My Hair” (in Indiana Arie’s voice)

  1. Jaga, u r nd still remain a Queen. U look cute babe. I wish, I culd go jst like ds but my oga @ d top no go greeeeeee ooooooooo, reason: dat my face look too babylish. Rock nd enjoy ur new look while we kip spendg our moni on human hair


  2. Loooove ur new look too! It takes d bold & daring to venture! Stunning looks4u!
    U’ll always b beautiful anyways…xoxo


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