Hi Beautiful people!

Today I share with you my experience with my Bride this April! Beautiful Nene. I call her my believer bride, Lol. Why? Because Nene believed in Jagabeauty, even when we were merely a vision. Nene never underestimated the butterfly and her magic wand i.e Moi! and my ability, to transform women and make them beautiful. #bigGrin

Nene would consult me for everything down to what cream to use for her body. She would bbm me and send me pictures when she goes shopping! So much of a firm believer she was indeed. And did I mention that we were both colleagues at the telecoms company where I worked until I resigned on the 24th of June (my birthday) 2010, to focus on my dream full-time. YEAH!!!
So when the time came for Nene’s special day, who did she call on? Jagabeauty!

She sent me a picture of what she would love to look like on her wedding, which was a subtle look with soft smokey eyes and nude lips. All I could do was hope and pray that it’ll all go well. Not that I lacked confidence in my professional abilities, no, I just wanted to make sure that my believer bride would have no reason whatsoever to lose her unwavering confidence in Jagabeauty.(I’m sure someone can relate to that feeling).

The D-day came and I got her hair sorted out (thanks to Ayo who did a wonderful job). I arrived a little bit behind schedule because I had to pick up her bouquet, which was Jagabeauty special gift to the bride.


I got down to flipping my brushes and with all set, there stood a beautiful bride in her lovely gown on a great figure, sparkling red shoes topped with perfect hair and makeup.

Nene MereDIMG_0 (162)  IMG_0 (163)

Nene was so happy and excited that when we were done she says to everyone in the room “Let’s go get married people!”

Congratulations Nene and Ken! We wish you many beautiful and fruitful years together!

Thank you for choosing Jagabeauty…

JαGα   .͡▹​ IntDiddy

We are still taking bookings for brides from June-December. Give us a call on +234-145-467-2 or email us at

Stay beautiful~

10 thoughts on “MY BELIEVER BRIDE!

  1. Yes a strong beliver indeed, as at 2009 I knew Jaga will be my makeup artise come my D day when ever and where ever it would be. The butterfly with the kindest of hearts. Thanks for making me beautiful.


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