How to Apply False Lashes

Great post on how to apply false lashes ~ from Zaron



How to Apply False Lashes

What You Need

False Lashes 
Lash Adhesive
Tweezers: Not necessary, but they make handling the lashes much easier.
Scissors: Just in case they need to be trimmed.

How to Apply
Carefully remove the lashes from their container using your tweezers. Be aware they will be glued down so lift them gently as not to tear any of the lashes.
Size your lashes by holding them up to your eye to see if you need to make them shorter. If so, trim the outer edges to shorten the length. If you aren’t familiar with fake lashes, start with the accent ones as they are shorter and are easier to apply. 

Wrap the lashes around your finger and hold there for about 15 seconds to help mimic the curve of your eye.
Using the Duo Lash Adhesive, apply a thin line to the lashes being careful not…

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